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A Big Thank you to all the supporters of the AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM Kaimkaryam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Dec 26 1999 - 08:00:52 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

Let me take this opportunity to thank every one of
you , who have supported this new Kaimkaryam (i-e)
the Use of New Media for the growth of our sampradhAyam 
and the release of the First CD ROM in this series.

It is very important to take the time to thank you all because
there should not at anytime be even  a fleeting  impression 
that Your magnificient upakArams to bring these Kaimkaryams
to fruition are forgotten or taken for granted . This goes for
all of us, who raise funds for different kaimkaryams.Appropriate 
and timely  acknowledgemnts from AchAryAs or from the temples
are a must. Unless , a donor wants to keep his or her privacy ,
which happens some time, the name of the particpants should be 
recorded in public and thanked . The AchAryAs should also be
appraised of their SishyA's help .

Now that we have started the distribution of the CD ROM 
after a lot of trials and tribulations in managing a new project ,
it is time to extend our sincere thanks to every one
of you .If we have left out any one due to our inefficient 
book keeping , please correct us .The support came from
BhakthAs here, Singapore and Bahrain as well as in India.

First & foremost level of thanks and gratitude is to Srimath
HH the Current Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt , who blesses us all
thru a video anugraha BhAshaNam at the beginning of this CD ROM .
The help of the Ahobila Matam officials of North America 
in supporting this program in sending the collected funds to
the Tax Free Foundation in India  twice is very much appreciated .
The CD ROM expressly has two screens at the begining and 
one at the end that acknowledges their valuable support . 
Our thanks are to Sriman Raghavan Rajaji , the President of 
the Sri Matam here and Sri P.Dileepan ,the secretary of the Mutt
and other members of the Board for enthusing us to create 
the Vadakalai version of this CD ROM. The Tennkalai version is 
just about ready with support form an Indian philanthropher , 
who has advanced the funds as a loan to produce 500 copies 
for Tennkalai SampradhAyins and pay him back later from
the successful marketing of that version to AasthikAs .

Here is a "complete List " of the Donors in no
particular order , who have generously supported 
this kaimkaryam and stood by patiently  for extended 
periods of time , as we made the many revisions 
to the CD ROM during the past 12 months almost
as we meandered thru a lot of trials and errors.

Those BhakthAs ,whose copies have been mailed in 
the first round have an asterik next to their names (*).
Those supporting BhakthAs , whose addresses are not 
available to me at this time are requested to send me 
their addresses to  send the CD ROM . A dollar sign( $ )
after their names idnetifies them . I request all BhakthAs 
who have received the CD ROM to acknowledge receipt 
and to let us know of your kind comments/observations 
on the design and conetent. The "Complete list "
is as follows to the best of my recollection :

1. Sriman R.Rajaji , Texas(*)-->CD ROM Sent 
2. Sri Dileepan , Tennessee(*)
3. Sri Ram Kumar Gopalaswamy , Chennai ($)-->address needed
   ( A copy is alos being hand carried by Srimathi
     Jayashree Narasimhan of Singapore )
4. Srimathi Nagu Satyan , Colorado(*)
5. Sri Balaji Soundararajan , California(*)
6. Srimathi Sheela belur , Maryland (*)
   (in memory of her dear Mother) 
7. Sriman Chatari Ramesh, Colorado(*)
8. Sri Murali Kadambi, New Jersey(*)
9. Sri T.R.Govindarajan , New Jersey (*)
10.Sri G.Lakshmanan, New Jersey (*)
11.Sri Sampath Rengarajan , Michigan (*)
12.Sri Murali Rangaswamy , Massachusetts (*)
13.Sri Karalapakkam Anand , Chennai( Copy being hand carried 
   by Srimathy Jayashree Narasimhan of Singapore )
14.Sri Srinath Raghavan, Virginia
15.Sri Sudarsan Parthasarathy , Singapore
16.Sri Madhavakkannan , Singapore (*)
17.Srimathi Jayashree Narasimhan , Singapore (*)
18.Other Members of the Naama group , Singapore
   whose names Sri Madhavakannan is familiar with.
19. Sriman IVK Chary ,Chennai & Bahrain
20. Nine more members of Bahrain Bhakthi Group  
    whose names will be provided by Sri Ananthan .
    The CD ROMs are being shipped to Sri Ananthan
    at Bahrain for local distribution.
29. Sri Balu Sekar(*), Ohio
30. Sri Diwakar Kannan (*), California
31. Sri Lakshmi Srinivas, San Rafel, CA (*)
32. Sri Krishna Vijayaraghavn , Massachusetts(*)
33. Sri Nadadur Madhavan , Virginia (*)
34. Sri Sriram , Nathamuni, WI (*)
35. Srimathi Indira Prathivathi , MD (*)
36. Sri N.Krishnamachari, IL (*)
37. Sri GeethAkrishNan Narasimhan , NY(*)
38. Sri S.Kuttalam , TX(*)
39. Sri Venkat Nagarajan , Canada (*)
40. Srimathi Vasudha Narayanan , FL(*)
41. Sri Raghu Komanduri, GA(*)
42. Sri Murali Vanamamalai, DE(*)
43. Sriram Ranganathan, NC(*)
44. Sri Mohan Sagar, CO(*)
45. Sri Najjar vasudevan , VA(*)
46. Sri Ramgopal Mudumbi , ID (*)
47. Sri Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan, NY (*)
48. Srimathi Veda Venaktesh , MO
49. Sri Anand Srinivasan , NJ 
50. Sri Ramesh Srinivasan , San Jose, CA
51. Sri K.Sreekrishna , Cincinatti, OH 
52. Sri Niranjan Bose, NH
53. Sri K.P.Sarathy , AL
54. Sri Raman kannan , NJ
55. Sri Srivatsan Narasimhan , OH (Away until Jan7)
56. Sri Sanjay Balaram ($), Chennai($)
57. Sri Valathur Muralidharan ($)
58. Sri Shreyas Sarangan , NJ ($)
59. Sri P.B. Aanand , Scottland , UK(*)
60. Sri Sarangapani Kidambi, WI ($)
61. Sri Ramesh Sarangapani ($)
62. Sri Nadadur Narasimhachari, VA($)
63. Sri S. Hosur, TX ($)
64. Sri Vic Sundararajan ($)
65. Sri Govindarajan Rangarajan 
66. Sri Bharadvaj Jagannathan ($)
67. Sri K.R.Srinivasan , Lexmark, CO ($)
68. Sri Lakshmi Srinivasa ,Waltham , MA ($)

Possible Additional Supporters : 

69. Sri T.A. Varadhan , CO ($)
70. Sri Triplicane Vijay , CA($)
71. Sri Rama Srinivasan , WA ($)
72. Sri T.Krishnan , Buffalo , NY ($)

I request the last four to confirm possible support
and send us their addresses .

This kaimkaryam has now been brought to the completion
stage . Please spread the word about the release of
the AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM  to your friends and 
relatives . In all probability , the next CD ROM 
project is going to be on the Twelve AzhwArs and
their AruLIccheyalkaL . We need your good wishes 
for that project to be started in the new Millenium .

Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil V.Sadagopan , NY
and Melkote Sriman A. Alwar , Mysore .