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Re: A 'mArgazhi' diary: some reflections-4

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Fri Dec 24 1999 - 00:31:02 PST

Dear friends on the bhakti-list,

Re: adiyen's posts on some pAsuram's of the tiruppAvai
and the ongoing dialogue with Sri.Mani on "kAmyArtha".

Adiyen feels Sri.K.M.Narayanan has correctly
understood the substance and spirit of what was
posted.Thank you Sir for your patience and

Sri.Mani has taken the opportunity to give an
elaborate gist of PVPillai's tiruppAvai anubhavam
garnished by references to Uttamur swamy. Thank you
Sir for your erudition.

Actually, adiyEn sees nothing to take great issue in
all this as there is hardly any issue at all here.

 "kAmyAtham" or not, the fact remains that
"yOga-kshemam" ("universal welfare", to which one of
the principal contributories is "rain") is to be
attained through manifold "yagnya-kAryam" entailing
observance of sacrifice and sacrificial practices like
"vratam" etc. This is what the Vedas say and it is
what Sri. Krishna himself refers to in that verse from
the Gita referring to "parasparam-bhAvayantah:". 
(Ch.3 . V.11).

'veda-vAk'  is 'vAk' of Bhagawan.

adiyEn shall continue with some more reflections
during 'mArgazhi' and hopefully there will be more
such discussions such as what Sri.Mani has inspired in
the last few days.

Thank you,

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