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Re: A 'mArgazhi' diary: some reflections-4
Date: Thu Dec 23 1999 - 01:23:20 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Dear Sri.Mani and all Bhagavatas,

I appreciate Sri.Mani's mail that 'Nonbu's performed by Andal Ghosti was only to
attain HIM  and not for any material benefits.
I am sure that it was also not the  intention of Sri.Sampath's Swamy to
introduce any concept of  Action-benefit analysis. on'Nonbu'.

This is the essence of our sampradayam. We do not believe in any yagnas or
practice done as a Kaimyartham , ie, looking for any  Material benefit.

this also includes even Sudharsana Homam performed by our elders. That it is
done only with intention to please the Lord  for lokashemem and not for any
material benefits.

In some other place, Swami Pillai lokachar says that we should behave like the
flowers and sandal paste which adores lord. they never think that THEY are
giving fragrance to lord. rather they simply do the duty of adoring him.

similarly a true prapanna would never think that HE is performing any
yagna/sandayavandanam/homam or any karma either with an eye on benefits or
expecting any recognition that he has performed something.

though Vedas have prescribed certain rituals which brings rains, grants wealth,
children etc...etc, a true Sri vaishnava would perform those things as per
sastras strictly to please Him or consider that it HIS snakalpam that he is
simply performing.

Lastly Sri.Andal very clearly says that She is interested only in HIM and none
else (Marru Nan kamangal)

Her thinking is akin to the meaning of   'Sarva Darman'... Sarama slokam in
Srimad Bhagavat gita..

No doubt why Tiruppavai is considered as 'the seed of all vedas'


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