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AchArya RaamAnujA Navarathna SatAri Kaimkaryam at Melkote

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 07:25:58 PST

Dear Sri RaamAnuja darsana SampradhAyins:

It is my great pleasure to share with you the good news 
on the estimates for the creation of Navarathna SatAri 
for SamarpaNam at AchAryA RaamAnujA's sannidhi at 

With the engraving /incorporation ( Izhaippu) of
the nava MaNis on the two Thiruppaadhams on top of
the SatAri for symmetry , we would  realize the nine  
MaNis that Swamy Desikan salutes in his immortal
Sri RanganAtha PaadhukA Sahasram . For us NammAzhwAr 
and AchArya Paadhukais are the most redeeming insignia
for sakala soubhAgyams . Hence , adiyEn does not need
to elaborate on the significance of the New Kaimkaryam 
with its goal to offer on behalf of all of us 

The estimate is 600$ for the gems , silver, gold plating ,
the 18 gems including jaathi Vairam et al  and the labor.
A well known gold smith of Chennai has come forward
to help with this Kaimkaryam.

If more funds are realized , we will have similar SatAries made 
for Sri RanganAthA and Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan(MalOlan ) of
Ahobilam . We will seek the permission of the Temple
authorities at Srirangam and MelkOte . We will
inquire about Srimath Azhagiya Singar's ThiruvuLLam 
on the SatAri samarpaNam for Sri MalOlan .
If there are sufficient funds for just one
SatAri , we will focus on Melkote AchArya RaamAnujar 
sannidhi .

Twelve BhakthAs can come forward and contribute 50$ each 
to get this Kaimkaryam completed in 20 days for the Melkote-
focussed Kaimkaryam .AdiyEn pledges my share right aeway.
We will take this Satari to Srirangam first and then to 
SrivilliputthUr and thereafter to AchArya RaamAnujA's sannidhi 
in Melkote for samarpaNam during adiyEn's planned journey 
in February , 2000 to attend the MahA SamprOkshaNam 
at Sri VilliputthUr NaacchiyAr maaaLikai . It is our
fondest hope that this SatAri will be in daily use to bless 
the BhakthAs , who visit MelkOte to receive AchArya 
RaamAnujA and Sri Yadhugiri NaachiyAr SamEtha Thiru NaarAyanan.

Those , who wish to contribute to Sri RanganAthA and
Sri MalOlan are requested to indicate their preferences .  

AdiyEn is also pleased to let you know that adiyEn's
sister is conducting the traditional Maarghazhi GodhA sthuthi
ParAyaNam at Sri VaishNavite Households in Chennai 
to raise funds for the Mutthangi for Sri DevanAthan 
of ThriuvahIndhrapuram and with Swamy Desikan's (Sri 
VenkatanAyaki's blessings) hopes to complete this 
Kaimkaryam during the first quarter of the year 2000.
The Funds are being raised entirely at Chennai .

AdiyEn wants to take this opportunity to thank you
all for your previous supports to many kaimkaryams .
ThiruviNNagarappan will be wearing His Mutthangi 
on Jan 1, 2000 and the Uthsavar Ponnappan will
be wearing His RathnAngi on that day and BhUmi devi
ThAyaar will give the BhakthAs Her darsana soubhAgyam
with Her MaaNicckka KoNdai . AdiyEn was told that 
thousands and thousands of BhakthAs have similar
darsanam of the ArchA Moorthys with these special
AabharaNams presented by You at Oppiliappan Koil
on the four PurattAsi Saturdays , the New Year and
other special occasions . Thank you all who have
supported these Kaimkaryams .

Namo NaarAyaNAya ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil V.Sadagopan