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From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 05:14:01 PST

>40. Lord gives protection due to the presence of Sri Lakshmi at his chest.
>hence we should consider that the
>letter    'AkAram' in pranavam signifies Lord along with His consort Sri
>41. Swami Pillai lokachar here quotes from Sri Senapathi Jeeyar and says
>that Sri Senapathi Jeeyar also upheld
>that The AkAram signifies  Lord with Goddess Lakshmi.
>42. Like a faithful wife who would not derelict  both husband's bed and
>child's cradle, Lakshmi is between
>sethanas and  lord .
>(In  pranavam OM (AUM  Akaram(A) signifies the Lord, MakAram(M) signifies
>the sethanas, the devi, goddess lakshmi is between Him and us (sethanas)
>standing between us UkARAM(U) and lord while also sharing the place with
>him as well in AkAram.
>43.Swami Pillai Lokachar quotes one more example to make this clear.
>Lakshmi's position is like Yasoda who was faithful to both Nandagopa , her
>husband but also careful enough to protect her son, Krishna.
>(this point is elucidated in 'Ambarame thaneere' pasuram in thiruppavai.
>readers are requested to refer to the vyakyanam of this pasuram.)
>While we are servants of Lord, are we not automatically servants of
>Piratti, Sri.lakshmi?
>Yes, confirms Swami pilai lokachar. we will discuss about this in the next

Dear Bhagavatas,

namaskaar. thanks to sri narayanan for sharing his anubhavam of a rahasya grantham like "mumukshu padi" with all of us. 

According to sri narayanan, Sri pillai lokachar says that Piratti w.r.t jivas, is like a caring mother to her baby in cradle and w.r.t. perumal She is a bhogya vastu (object of enjoyment) in His bed.exactly the same thing was quoted by Sri ramanujacharya swami when adiyen asked him about the role of divine mother.

The author of thirumalai ozhugu says that Piratti for Lord of thiruvengadam (kausalyA suprajA rAman) is just like Her mother-in-law kausalyA is for King dasaratha. i will try to write on this later.

Justlike perumal is known by shadguNas i.e. ananta jnAnam, ananta balam etc., piratti is also known for Her shadgunas. these shadgunas tell us Her relationship with our appan thiruvenkatadrisan. let us see what are these shadgunas in my next post. 


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