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Srinivsa Vaibhavam Home Pages Kaimkaryam Announcement

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Dec 19 1999 - 17:55:00 PST

Dear BhakthAs : On this PramAthi Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi day ,
It is with great pleasure , Sri Haresh Balasubramanian
and adiyEn announce the design of the new home pages for
Lord Srinivasan of Thirumalai in coooperation with 
the web master of TT DevasthAnam . 

It is our fond hope that these home pages along with 
those announced earlier by us for Sri RanganAtha PaadhukA 
Sahasram (,
Swamy Desikan ( , 
Sri Krishnan(
and Sri MaNavALa Maamunigal (
would be useful to the Sri VaishNavA community 
as important archives of source granthams on
our ancient Sri VaishNavite SampradhAyam . 

During the year of 1999 , home pages for 
AchArya RaamAnujA , Ahobila Matam , VaanamAmalai
Matam , Sri RanganAthA Temple of Pomona , NY ,
Poundarikapuram Aasramam and Srirangam have become available 
for all of us to enhance the daily devotional activities 
of the world wide community of Bhagavath RaamAnuja Darsanam .

The new interactive , multimedia CD ROM 
on AchArya RaamAnujA has been released now 
and copies will be made available to interested 
BhakthAs at the forthcoming NammAzhwAr MokshOthsavam 
uthsavam at Sterling, NJ on December 25 , 1999 .

After these introductory comments , adiyEn will
take this opportunity to describe the current 
contents of the SrinivAsa Vaibhavam Home pages .
The URL for these home pages are :

The items covered in these home pages are:

(1) SamarpaNam to AchAryAs
(2) Introduction 
(3) Foreward on SrinivAsa Vaibhavam
(4) Sri VenkatEswaran (Picture Gallery ?)
(5) Sri PadmAvathi KalyANam
(6) BrahmOthsavam (*)at Thirumalai
(7) Devotees of Sri VenkatEswarA
(8) Sri Sookthis on Lord VenkatEswarA (*)
(9) Related Links 

The two Items marked with asterik (*) have been
populated as of now .From now until Makara SankarAnthi ,
we will populate the additional items . Please visit them 
as often as possible to keep track of our progress. 
With the help and cooperation of TT DevasthAnam 
and its web Master, we plan to grow these pages 
and receive the blessings of Sri PadmAvathi SamEtha 
Sri VenkateswarA and place this samarpaNam at
the lotus feet of the Dhivya Dampathis . 

Item (6) has now five pictures of Lord VenkatEsA 
from His BrahmOthsavam and  a description of
this major annual uthsavam . 

Item (8) on Sri Sookthis on Lord VenkatEswarA
contain the following items:

8.1: Bhakthi/Prapatthi SampradhAyam

(a) AlwAr's Paasurams on Lord VenkatEsA 
(b) Sri Venkatesa SuprabhAtham
(c) Sri VenkatEsa SthOthram
(d) Sri Venkatesa Prapatthi
(e) Sri VenaktEsa MangaLam
(f) Swamy Desikan's DayA Sathakam (*)

8.2 : Tributes of NaadhOpAsakAs 

(a) Sri AnnamAcchArya's Krithis
(b) Sri ThyagarAja SwamigaL's Krithis
(c) Sri MuthtuswAmi Dikshithar's Krithis
(d) Sri Purandara Daasar's Krithis
(e) Other Composers 

8.1.f : Swamy Desikan's DayA sathakam 
This section contains following three items now:

(1) Biography of Swamy Desikan
(2) Introduction to DayA Sathakam
(3) Commentary on the Individual decades:
    the first decad has been added as of now.

As BhakthAs can easily appreciate , these home pages are 
a very ambitous venture that can not be completed but for
the Lord's infinite DayA . We seek Your blessings
of all BhagavathAs, AchAryAs and the Dhivya Dampathis 
to grow thes ehome pages and bring it to the stage of
completion in the year 2000 .

MahAnthO anugrahNanthu ,

Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sdaagopan