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Mumookshapadi -Thirumantra Prakaranam Part-VII
Date: Sun Dec 19 1999 - 20:52:15 PST

 Respected Members of Bakthi List,

While elaborating the meaning of pranavam(OM), it was said that Lord was
both the Protector and cause of this
universe. It was also stated that protection means annihilating one's
enemies and giving one's desires or wishes.

Further in the last post we introduced four different kinds of
people(Sethanas) viz. Samsaris,Mumookshu Nityas and Mukthas.

We will now explore who are the enemies from whom the Lord protects and
what are their desires which he gives.

38. a. For Mundane samsris, who are bound by cycle of births and deaths,
enemies are their adversaries, pain and diseases.
Their wishes are Food, water . God gives them what they want and protects
them from their enemies.

       b. For a Mumookshu, his main enemy is samsara Sambandam itself. What
he yearns (desires is Moksham.
God protects him from cycle of births and deaths and grants him Moksham.

       c. For nityas and mukthas, their main  enemy is any hindrance to
their Nitya kaimkaryam and what they desire is only nitya kaimkaryam, Lord
Grants them these to these class of sethanas.

In view of above, it is very clear that Lord is the protector and the only
"Sarva Rakshakan".

39. It is however, wrong to think that we are also protected in this world
by others, Viz. parents, children and relatives.
it is clear from the episodes of Prahalda-Hiranyan, Vali-sugreevan that the
relationships in this world are not real.
Swami Pillai Lokachar has written at length about this in his other work
"Prapanna Parithranam"

The relationship between us and "Sarva Rakshakan" is only eternal and real.
(Please refer to Tiruppavi 30th psuram- "unnodu uravel nammakku ....".)

40. Lord gives protection due to the presence of Sri Lakshmi at his chest.
hence we should consider that the
letter    'AkAram' in pranavam signifies Lord along with His consort Sri

41. Swami Pillai lokachar here quotes from Sri Senapathi Jeeyar and says
that Sri Senapathi Jeeyar also upheld
that The AkAram signifies  Lord with Goddess Lakshmi.

42. Like a faithful wife who would not derelict  both husband's bed and
child's cradle, Lakshmi is between
sethanas and  lord .
(In  pranavam OM (AUM  Akaram(A) signifies the Lord, MakAram(M) signifies
the sethanas, the devi, goddess lakshmi is between Him and us (sethanas)
standing between us UkARAM(U) and lord while also sharing the place with
him as well in AkAram.

43.Swami Pillai Lokachar quotes one more example to make this clear.
Lakshmi's position is like Yasoda who was faithful to both Nandagopa , her
husband but also careful enough to protect her son, Krishna.

(this point is elucidated in 'Ambarame thaneere' pasuram in thiruppavai.
readers are requested to refer to the vyakyanam of this pasuram.)

While we are servants of Lord, are we not automatically servants of
Piratti, Sri.lakshmi?

Yes, confirms Swami pilai lokachar. we will discuss about this in the next



PS. the words People,sethans,us are used interchangebly
Similarly, Sri, Lakshmi and Pirtatti are used interchangely as they are
refer to Periya Piratti.

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