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mArghazhi: a month for meditative pursuits

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Sat Dec 18 1999 - 03:17:16 PST

Dear Friends on the bhakti-group,

adiyen has an unusual query which perhaps some of you
will appreciate too.

During mArghazhi it is customary to hear kalapshepams
on tiruppAvai. This has become such a universal custom
that people think that during dhanur mAsam there is no
place for any other meditative pursuit!

To some extent this is true. Because of its "nOnbu"
and "vratam" connections there is no doubt
"tiruppAvai" is the most appropriate object of
religious study during the 30 cold days of
"marghazhi". This is especially so for womenfolk.

For menfolk who are less than sanguine about "nonbu",
"vratam" and the bridal mysticism that abounds in the
"tiruppAvai", adiyen has heard it being said by elders
that "mArghazhi" is best suited for meditative study
of other scriptures. For example, they say that
"bhagavath-gita" kalapshepam is very appropriate
during this month. So is Ramayanam. 

What is the exact position on this?

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