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From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 06:09:15 PST

Om Sri Venkatesaya namah.

dearest bhagavatas,


i would like to share with u the info i have about thiruppavai recitation at Thirumalai temple. this partly answers sri govindarajan's question.

During dhanurmasam, adhyayana kramam at Thiruvengadam and allied temples is supposed to be as follows:

1. On the first day of mArgazhi, ThiruppaLLiyezhucchi and Thiruppaavai are to be recited after Thiruvaradhanai to be performed immediately after opening the temple.

2. From the second day onwards, Thiruppalliyezhucchi and thiruppaavai recitation is to form part of thiruvaradhanai.

3. At the end of dhanurmaasam, "mArgazhi nIrAttam" is to be celebrated for seven days.

4. the next day i.e. on makara sankrAnti, ratHotsavam is to be celebrated.

5. gOdA kalyanam is to be celebrated on the next
day i.e. the day after pongal, known as "kanumu"
to the people of Thelungu nAttu.

6. Since dhanurmAsam forms part of anadhyana kAlam for Alwar aruliccheyal with thiruppavai and thiruppalliyezhuchi being exception,
"upadESa ratthina mAlai" is to be recited in the noon and "ThiruvAimozhi nUtthandhAdhi" is to be recited in the evening.

as we know, TTD suspends its regular suprabhata sevai during margazhi.

Here one important thing is, if "vangakkadal" day is on pongal, it coincides with rathotsavam.
when is TTD celebrating pongal? on the same day as in other temples? normally it depends on the 
judement of jyothisha pandits of the devasthanam.


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