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Re: Sankalpams for the Kaimkaryams for the Year 2000

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 17:05:00 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah:

Dear Sri Sadagopan mama,

Your writing on any Bhagavath Vishayam and on any clarification on 
Srivaishnavam and our Ramanuja Sampradayam itself is a kaimkaryam. It is 
really a blessing and Bhagyam to be associated and linked electronically to 
read these posts.

The millenium (past) has seen GREATEST SRIVAISHNAVAS. With electronic 
propagation and anubhavams, the next one, Bhagavath sankalpam, AChArya 
anugraham, will see many more...

poliga poliga pOyiRRu valluyir chaapam.. kaliyum kedum kaNdu koNmin..

the turn of last millenium had Yamunamuni, and the new era was blessed (at 
1017) Sri Ramanujacharyar, followed by the simham, Swamy Desikan, Pillai 
lokachariar, and then by Sri AdhivaN satagopar, Sri Manavalamamuni. We are 
continuously being blessed with SadAchAryars, and will continue to be..

It is Emperumaan's grace and kataaksham that should enable us turn towards 
them for saving us. It is His grace and kataaksham in disguise through such 
great posts of yours and other Bhagawathas in this list.

Narayana Narayana


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Subject: Sankalpams for the Kaimkaryams for the Year 2000
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