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thirup pAvai - Vol.02.001 - Thirup pAR kadal

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 03:29:00 PST

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE charaNam
Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE charaNam

Thursday, Dec.16 1999.

vaiyatthu vAzhveergAL !

thirup pAvai - Vol.02.001 - Thirup pAR kadal

Dear bAgawathAs,

        It is nOnbu day and vrtham day. I start the vyAkyAnam
for the second phase of this "nOnbu"  on  this sacred day  of
srvanam, srvana dwAdasi the mother  of  all "vrthams",   Lord
Vamanan's thiru  nakshatthiram, and kAradiyAn  nOnbu.  adiyEn
pray to "thirup pARkadal nAthan"  for  HIS merciful blessings
so that adiyEn can successfully do yet another  phase of this

        kaNNanai nAn kaNdathu veRum kaNavO ?
        than Annanai ivar kOndathu manamO ?
        enniyum Engiyum nAm seythathum thinamO ?
        nanni nAm nAduvOm ini en nAthanaiyO?

ie., What ever I saw and wrote about KannAn is a mere dream ?
Whatever she (Sri Subdra's is the sister of Sri  Krishna  and
who else will know better and more about HIM ?) had  in  mind
about her brother (Lord Sri Krishna) is the one, our mind may
want to capture. We are thinking constantly and  are  longing
to have the aruL of the Lord every day. With a good faith  in
our hearts let  us  seek  our  "nAthan"  through  this  nOnbu
further (through this second pasuram).

PookAtha mootukkal veditthAga vEndum.   En   enrAL  poovukkum
theRiyAthu  thEnai  parugubavan  KannAn. "Aychiarum ARiyAmalE
avar manathai koLLai koNdavan kaNNan".  ie Even those flowers
that are yet to blossom must now burst open. Why  because, it
is Sri Kannan who drinks the honey (the Athman) even  without
the flowers knowing  about it. He not only stole  butter  and
milk, he had stolen the hearts of  Aaychiars  (honey  of  the
flowers) or (the souls of jivAthmAs and its purpose)  as well
even with out their knowledge. Is that   why  they are  going
around seeking HIM  to get what they already lost to HIM ? It
is now time to take these  flowers  that  are  blossomed  and
submit  to  the "sheerAbthi nAthan".  When I want to start on
thirup pAvai "ennaiyum AriyAtha or inba unarrchi pongukiRathu.
vArtthaikkum varAtha oru  vAsam  ennai theenudkiRathu".  When
I want to start thirup pAvai, a feeling of esctasy comes over
flowing. There is a pleasant fragrance  that I cannot express
by words, is suddenly surrounding and teasing me. The flowers
just blossomed.  They  are  the  part  of Sri ANDAL's garland
known as thirup pAvai. So it is natural to have this feeling.

        The first pAsuram was about SriVaikunda  divya  dEsam
as it straight address to "nArAyanAn". The first pAsuram  was
about "param" and parama patha nAthan and ways to reach  HIM.
This second pAsuram is about SheerAbthi nAthan  or  the  Lord
who is residing in thriup pARkadal.  This  pAsuram  is  about
Eswaran's "vyukam" while the earlier one was about the "param".
"pAl" in tamil means milk. "kadal" means  samudhram  or ocean.
Sometimes in tamil certain words are  shortened in usage over
a long period  of  time.  The  tamil  language  and  sanskrit
language are the only two lanaguages that are considered very
holy as compared  to  others.  The  simple reason is that the
"vEdham" is delevered in only those two.  The tamil vEdham is
none other than  4000   divya prabhandham.  Hence  one should
understand that tamil existed even prior to Sage Sri Agasthiar.
Tamil and Sanskrit are two nAdis of perumAL HIMself. The nool
thirup pAvai in tamil is eternal  as  similar  to  the  tamil
language itself. Every yugam it  appears. It is very strongly
suggested  that the word pAvai became "pA". The word pA means
many. Howvever  the  important  ones  are pA means pAsuram or
devotional  songs  on perumAL set to music. pA also means pAl
or milk. It could be suggested that it is  thirup  pAvai mean
thirup pAl or thirup pAr kadal itself. The nool thirup  pAvai
itself became the thirup  pAl  kadal.  Just  as similar to so
many  treasures  came  out  of  thirup pAr kadal, when it was
churned, we hope to churn this avathAra nool thirup pAvai and
get many aboorva treasures of meanings again.

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE charaNam
Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE charaNam
Kadal magaL samEtha SheerAbthi nAthan thiruvadikaLE charaNam
thiruk kudanthai Rengarajan

note: The numebring scheme has to be altered in view of  many
more parts  to  come.  adiyEn  will   continue   to  write on
this pAsuram for the whole month and  beyond.  As  adiyEn  is
preparing to leave  for Newyork for the thiru adhyayana sEvai
at Srirangam USA, adiyEn  will  attempt  to continue and post
from there as well. Please  see  the   archives   for the 1st
pAsuram  written by Sri  Sadagopan,  Sri  Anand, Smt Subadhra
and adiyEn during 1998 dec to 199 march.
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