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Sankalpams for the Kaimkaryams for the Year 2000

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 08:42:45 PST

Dear BhakthAs : 

AdiyEn would like to share with you all the four sanklapams
for Bhagavath-Bhaagavatha kaimkaryams for the coming year 
on this sacred " Marghazhi  ThingaL " ThiruppAvai
dinam and invite you to join in these kainmkaryams .

AdiyEn prays for the anugraham of SooDikkoduttha NaachiyAr
and Sri RanganAthan to give us all the strength of will and
body to complete these kaimkaryams and for them accept these
kaimkaryams as SamarpaNams at their holy feet by
their children .May the dhivya dampathis keep us
all together as a sathsangam with harmony 
and contentment arisin gout of dhyAnam
of their sacred feet and Sundara Vadhanams .

The Four Sankalpams

The First Sankalpam:
(1) Completion of the postings on the remaining 
seven eighth portion of Swamy Desikan's 
Sri RanganAtha PaadhukA Sahasram with the help of
Sri Murali Rangaswamy , Sri Achutharaaman and Srimathi
PraveeNA Ananad . Since there are 878 slOkams to be completed 
in the remaining 381 days until December 31, 2000 
( the real dawn of the 21st Century ), we  might have to
post two or three slOkams per day to reach that 
target date. Swamy Desikan composed the 1008 slOkams
in the course of one Yaamam of a night at Srirangam 
and us poor mortals can only attempt to do this much 
with the  grace of the Sambhandham with our AchArya 
Saarvabhouman , Swamy Deesikan.
Three postings per day will be like the performance
of thrikAla SandhyA Vandhanam and the two postings
per day will be like the combination of PrAtha:
sandhyA with MaadhyAhnikam and adding the Saayam sandhyA 
to it to make a count of two .The URL for the PadhukA
Sahsram home pages is :

The Second Sanklapam :

(2) As adiyEn performs this Kaimkaryam of providing
comments from the poorvAchArya anubhavams on the most
auspicious Sri RanganAtha PaadukA Sahasram , it becomes clear
that the PaarAyaNam and Japam of the individual
slOkams is like the direct experience of Sri RanganAthan,
His Uthsavams in general and Thiru AdhyayanOthsavam 
in particular ( " Prathyakshimiva Samvruttham ").

The lustre of the nine kinds of gems on His Paadhkai
reminds one of the nine Sri Sookthis of AchArya RaamAnujA.
Sri YathirAjar's premai for NammAzhwAr ( SatAri of the Lord
of Rangam ) and the MokshOthsavam for NammAzhwAr
at Srirangam come to adiyEn's  mind. 

AdiyEn wondered how we can connect the salutations to
the SatAri ( PaadhukA Sahasram )and the nine dhivya maNis 
of ThiruppAvai Jeeyar ( AchArya RaamAnujA's nine dhivya 
sookthis ) to the Lord at His AasthAnam as
Sriman NaarAyaNan listening to SaraNAgathi Gadhyam .

With subha soochakams , it became clear that 
(nava rathnam ) for AchArya RaamAnuja archA moortham
at MelkOte would be most appropriate.AchArya RaamAnujA's
stay at Srirangam and MelkOte are described in 
the CD ROM on AchArya RaamAnuja Vaibhavam that is 
being sent in batches on this sacred day of Marghazhi
to the supporters of this kaimkaryam . AchArya RaamAnujA's
construction of MelkOte temple for Thiru NaarAyaNan 
and his stay for 12 years there to grow our sampradhAyam
are well recorded in the CD ROM as described in
our GuruparamparA granthams .
The samarpaNam of a Kaanchana PaadhukA with nine gems
encrusted on the top portion of the AchArya RaamAnuja
Paadhukai(SatAri) began to dawn on AdiyEn's  mind. With 
the experience gained in the design and samarpaNam
of the RathnAngi and Mutthangi for Sri Oppilappan
and the MaaNikka KoNdai for Sri BhUmi Devi and
the two MutthukkoNDais for Sri ANDAL of SrivilliputthUr
WITH YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT , adiyEn thinks that 
the Dhivya dampathis will energize us and bless us
to complete this Kaimkaryam . 

Please let me know of your interests in particpating
in this Kaimkaryam of a unique kind . AdiyEn should
receive estimates on the funds needed for this
Nava Rathna SatAri SamarpaNa Kaimkaryam for Udayavar
at MelkOte on Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi day from Chennai. 
Please share with adiyEn your comments on 
this proposed kaimkaryam .You may also wish to browse
the beautiful home pages for AchArya RaamAnujA 
maintained by Sri Achutharaman and Sri MadhavakkaNNan 
of Simhapuri (

The Third Kaimkaryam

(3) The population of Swami Desikan Home pages with
the content relating to all of his Sri Sookthis to
compliment the informative home pages maintained by 
Sri MadhavakkaNNan and Sri Achutharaaman . The URLs for
these two home pages for Swami Desikan Sri Sookthis
and life are:


The Fourth Kaimkaryam
(4) On this Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi day , We ( Sri Haresh
Balasubramanyan and adiyEn ) will announce the preliminary
plans for a  major home page to celebrate SrinivAsa 
Vaibhavam . We have the good fortune of support from 
Thirumalai DevasthAnam to use some of the images from
their magnificient home pages for the Lord of Seven Hills .
We will announce the full plan and release the first
version of the SrinivAsa Vaibhavam Home pages on
the Makara sankarAnthi day and attempt to enrich them
with new content throughout the year 2000 .

These kaimkaryams will provide the divine ballast
for keeping this boat moving in the samsAra saagaram
towards my AchAryan's Thiruvadi.

Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan