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thiru adhyayana sEvai - Please take part at Srirangam, USA

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 10:14:44 PST

Sri Lakshmi nrisimha parabrahmaNE nama:
Sri Lakshmi nrisimha divya paduka sevaka
   srivan satakopa sri narayana yatindra mahadesikaya nama:

Dear bAgawathAs,

             The  following  is  the  appeal inviting  you all
to  join  the  thiru  adhyayana  sEvai  in  Srirangam,  Pomona,
Newyork, USA.  Sri Dileepan,  Sri Venkat, Sri Kannabiran, army
of volunteers from both India and here,  and  adiyEn   and all
others who have been working for this one of  a  kind uthsavam,
invite you all to participate and receive  the blessings of Sri
RanganAthar and Sri Ranganayaki thAyAr. The Srivaikunda ekAdasi
and chanting of 4000 pasurams are being held everywhere in many
perumAL kOils. However, this one at NewYork is very sepcial. It
is simply true  that  Sri  VaikuNda EkAdasi and thiru adhyayana
uthsavam are exclusive celebration for SriRanganatha and thAyAr
whereever  THEY  are.

	 Of all, this  is  mainly the only one "thiru adhyayana
uthsavam" being celebrated in US for Sri Ranganatha and thAyar.
So  please make whatever effort you can, to participate in this
mOksha uthsavam. As of now it is  expected  that  500  bhakthAs
will attend this uthsavam in  Sri Ranga kShethram  of  USA.  In
addition 100 strong contingent of  Sri  Rangaraja bhakthAs will
attend  from  all  across USA. Elaborate arrangements are being
made for doing mOhini alankAram on 18th dec. and Sri nammAzhwAr
mOksham on 25th dec. evening.  adiyEn   is  leaving for Newyork
tomorrow  and  will be attending  this celebrations for 2 weeks
there. In the meantime adiyEn will continue what  ever  long it
may  take  to complete the thiru  adhyayana uthsavam series and
will attempt to post a few of the parts while in NY as well.

Please visit Sri Ranganatha koil if you are in that vicinity of

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE charanam
Sri RangarAjan SamEtha Sri RanganAyaki thAyAr thiruvadikaLE
thiruk kudanthai Rengarajan

Sri Lakshmi nrisimha parabrahmaNE nama:
Sri Lakshmi nrisimha divya paduka sevaka
   srivan satakopa sri narayana yatindra mahadesikaya nama:

It is almost time.  A few of us will have the great blessing of
starting the Thiruvadyayana Utsavam for Sri Ranganatha.  Swami
Nammazhvar and Srimad Adhivan Satakopan have come to the U.S.
just for this occassion and will stay among us and bless us
from now on.  It all starts on December 18 and will last till
Dec 31st.  Of course, the main event is on Dec 24, 25 and 26 with Nammazhvar 
Moksham celebrated on Dec 25th evening.  For more information, please take a 
look at the flyer at
the following site.

We have prepared the text of Sri Desika Prabhandam for easy recitation. It 
is now available as a MS-Word document.  While the entire Sri Desika 
Prabhandham will be recited at the
conclusion of the utsavam, some of the Prabdhandams, such as Adaikkalappattu 
aand Adhikara Sanraham, are recited
every day as part of Nithyanusandhanam during Anaddyayanam.
So, if you are attending the utsavam, please feel free
to download the zip file from the link provided below and come
prepared.  We have also included the Satrumurai kramam for Margazhi
during the Anadyayana period in this zip file.

We have spent a lot of time and effort preparing this text.
We will be happy to share the files with interested others,
but we would like to know who will be using it and how.
Therefore, if you wish to download it for any purpose other
than the Adyayana Utsavam at Sri Ranganatha temple, please
let us know.

Hope to see you soon at Sri Rangam of USA.

srimad azhagiya singar thiruvadigaLE saraNam

-- adiyEn ramanuja dasan

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