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Re: Dhanur masa sangramanam & Thiruppaliyezhuchi chanting

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 13:43:34 PST

Dear Sri Govindarajan:

Other than local temple traditions as a cause ,
I have no real explanation for the differences in
start date of the recitation of the first paasuram
of ThiruppAvai. There is no disagreement over 
Dec 16 as the First day of Marghazhi (ChApa Ravi).

If one starts with "Maargazhi ThingaL" that day ,then
"Vangak Kadal"  day is Jan 14 ( Makara ravi), the day
of BhOgi paNDikai (Revathi Thithi).

January 15 : Thai Maatha PiRappu , MahA sankarAnthi
January 16, Kanu Maattu Pongal day.
January 17, BhIshma EkAdasi 

This sequence has a natural flow. At Thiruppathi ,
"Vangak kadal " day should fall on Makara SankarAnthi day
if they start "Margazhi ThingaL " on December 17( Marghazhi 2).
This may be a reason ( landing on MahA sankarAnthi day 
for the last paasuram of ThiruppAvai ).It will be interesting
to hear from the natives of Thiruppathi about this tradition .



 At 10:06 PM 12/13/99 -0500, you wrote:
>The Srirangam temple Panchangam and also Pambu (VAkya) Panchangam 
>list that the birth of Margazhi masam is at 26 Nazhi (Ravi) of 
>December 16, 1999. Thiruppalliyezhuchi (Thiruppavai)is chanted 
>from Dec 16, 1999. However, in Thirupathi temple, Thiruppaliyezhuchi
>will be recited from Dec 17, 1999. In Sri. Venkateswara temple, 
>Bridgewater, NJ,Thirupalliyezhuchi and Thiruppavai will be 
>recited from Dec 17, 1999.
>I do not know why the difference is. Can someone knowledgeable explain this?
>T.R. Govindarajan.
>NamO NArAyanA !!!