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Re: Vaikunda Ekadasi festival begins

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 22:20:57 PST

--- wrote:
> Dear Sri Sampathkumar
> > The two sentences -
> (1) relating to Arayar Sevai and 
> (2) relating to Police Bandobast 
> have to be read apart (as given in the announcement
> itself) > and not together (as you have done)
> In any major event attracting huge crowds, it is not
> only  customary but also > the bounden duty of the
Police to provide> appropriate protection and security

> to the law abiding people against unsocial elements,
> (which are also bound to > be there on such
occasions! )
> Dasoham
> Anbil Ramaswamy

Dear Anbil swamy,

Hastening to assure you adiyen was only voicing a wry
concern that these days in holy Rangam even our
beloved Ranga needs "police bandobast" to enjoy his
famous "arayar-sevai"! Adiyen said this in a
reflective mood since my mind for a moment went back
in time to say the 9/10th century and wondered if in
those days people who gathered for the arayar-sevai
ever thought of things like "untoward incidents" and
"bandobast". adiyen doubts it.

adiyen was only making a stray comment on how harsh
and loud these days are the intrusions of the secular
world into the religious.

Hope respected Anbil Swami avargal will not otherwise
misunderstand adiyen's remarks.

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