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thiru adhyayana sEvai - part 26 - kaRkaL kooda nagartthum thAndagam !

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Dec 12 1999 - 13:38:53 PST

rimadh Azhagiya singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri RangarAjan thiruvadikaLE saraNam

thiru adhyayana sEvai - part 26 - kaRkaL kooda nagartthum thAndagam !

Dear bAgawathAs,

vithi thantha vEdhatthai venRathu
nithi enRa namperumAL ninRathu
kadal eenRa mEgatthin siranthathu
madal kaliyan seelamuRa piranthathu
kodum soozhcchi muRittha pAndavam
nedum kaRpanai karangal vENdagam
soRkal pala mayangidum thAndavam
kaRkaL kooda nagartthum thAndagam
                                (this poem is in thAndagam meter)

The vEdhas gave us the laws  or rules  or  "vithi"  of  life. The
vEdhAnthin who wqs well versed in all the vEdhas was debating Sri
Bhattar using  the  insights  known  to  vEdhanthin.  However  as
commanded  by  Sri  peria  perumAL,   Sri   bhattar  employed the
conceptions envisaged  in vyAkyAnams of thiru nedum thAndakam and
defeated the "vEdic  vAdham".  Our  Sri  namperumAL  who  is  the
greatest treasure or nithi, is present completely  in  the  thiru
nedum thAndagam makes the thiru nedum thAndagam a  special krithi
by HIS mere and exclusive presence. The clouds that were  yielded
by are special in many ways as  they pour and make many lands wet
so that many crops can thrive and can quench many people's needs.
However, this thiru nedum thAndagam is far superior to such cloud.
This nool can quench those  who are desiring for mOksha sAmrAjyam.
No rain can give mOksham. Our Kaliyan or thiru mangai did deliver
madals. So  he  is  also known as madal  kaliyan. It is said that
after delivering  both  the madals  only,  his  para  nyANam came
to a ripe state and then the holy  thiru nedum thAndakam was born
from madal kaliyan as the ultimate offering to peria perumAL. The
pAndavAs  broke  all  the cunning and deceptive strategies of the
KowravAs with the help of Lord Sri Arangan as Sri  Krishnan.  The
imaginary arms of any poet is very long as they  write very  long
in  their kaRpanai. Sometime a poet's mind writes pages and pages
in imagination.  But  many  times such pourings are not tapped in
real literature. However, when  all those  poets read thiru nedum
thAndagam all their such  long imaginary  hands  only pray inside
their "agam" to Sri peria perumAL with para nyAnam. ie, they stop
writing more long  poems  which is their natural habbit.  Instead
those imaginary  hands  of  the  poets  simply  fold their  hands
praying Sri Arangan.

      Many  of  tamil  words are feeling dizzy and are falling in
love  with  thiru nedum  thAndagam on seeing the poetic beauty of
this  nool is similar to a thAndava nadanam.  ie.,   When  adiyEn
wanted  to praise this nool, tamil words  are  all  falling  down
as if they are dizzy and in love  for  this nool Sri thiru  nedum
thAndagam. If the  thiru  nedum  thAndagam is  recited  with baya
bhakti on perumAL even those huge static mountains made  of  hard
rocks and stones will move. ie  This  nool  will  move even those
hard core vidhandAwAthis  and  vibareetha  nyAnis  towards  peria

         Prior to describing  the  ursavam details the purpose of
this thiru nedum thAndagam ursavm is briefly discussed (*).

The divya prabhandam known as "thiru nedum thAndagam" delivered by
Sri thiru mangai AzhwAr after his attaining the  AchAryA kadAksham
through thiru kArtthigai deepam viLakkam, has a very special place
in Srivaishnavam. Sri bhattar was debating  a  vEdhAnthi  once  in
north india. After many days of debate the end was not still seen.
Finally on one of the night  when our Sri Bhattar pleaded  to  Sri
Arangan, Lord appeared in his dream commanded him  to  adopt thiru
nedum  thAndagam and conquer the vEdhAnthi. The vEdhAnthi not only
accepted his defeat but also fell at Sri bhattar's holy  feet  and
pleaded to accept him as his  shishyAL.  He  was later accpeted by
Sri bhattar as  shishyAL and his thiru nAmam called by Sri bhattar
as "Sri  nam  jeer".  Thiru  nedum  thAndagam  can  correct  those
vidhandA vAthis with vibareetha nyAnam and can  make  them   peria
perumAL and sathAchAryAL's ardent devotee and adiyAr.  That is why
thiru nedum thAndagam  is  recited "prior"  to  the  other  mighty

Srimadh Azhagiya singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri RangarAjan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
thiruk kudanthai Rengarajan

note: Today is hOly sravanam day. Last 3 days my PC was unable to
connect to net and  hence  adiyEN  could  not  post  any.  adiyEn apologises 
  for  the   interruption.  adiyEn  thank  Sri  Lakshmi Sreenivasan  of   
Newjersey  for   spending  a   lot  of time  in attempting to fixing it 

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