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Mumookshapadi -Thirumantra Prakaranam Part-VI
Date: Sun Dec 12 1999 - 21:29:35 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Sri Venkata Gurave Nama:

Respected Members of Bakthi list,

In our last post, we discussed how Thirumantram is eight akshram which is
split as 3 words.
(beginning with OM(pranavadhyam), next is NAMA:(namo madhyam) and the last
word is NARAYANA(Narayana pathantimam mantra machtaram)

The Thirumantram is


OM- Signifies the servitude of the jeevathmas
NAMA: -  Signifies the attribute of "Paarathantriam"., i.e. being a sole
property of the Sarveswaran, the jeevathma should live only according to
his design (Thiruullam and not 'trying' to do any good for himself after
NARAYANA- Signifies that jeevathmas duty to do nitya kaimkaryam to

>From now on, let us discuss the elaborate meanings of Thirumantram as given
in Mumookshapdi.
Let us start with Pranavam. OM.

31. The first word of Thirumantram is Pranavam., "OM"
(As already explained, the sruthi says that Pranavam is one single word.)

32.The pranavam consists of three letters, A, U and M.
     A- AkAram

33.Like getting clarified butter from 3 different vessels, the pranavam is
derived from 3 vedas.

(the word BHU: came from Rig veda
the word BHUVA: came from yajur veda
the word SUVA:  came from Sama veda

>From the above three words, the letters A, U and M were again taken.

34. Hence the pranavam is veda saram.

35. The Akaram word "A signifies two things.
     a. Emperuman is the cause of this universe (Jagat Karanathvam)
     b. Emperuman is the protector of this universe as well.(Jagat

(It is interesting to note here  that while creating this world, Brahma
chanted the pranavam . similarly, the whole motion of the
universe takes the sound of pranavam)

36. What is Jagat Rakshatvam? It is Killing of one's enemies and giving
what is wished.

37. But we have different kinds of Sethanas in this universe. every one's
enemies and his wishes are so
different. Then how Bhagvan gives protection?

we have basically following kinds of sethanas ( jeevas)
     a. Baddha Jeevathmas:    One who is caught in the samsaric cycle of
births and death
     b. Mummokshu: One who after realising his nature, surrenders and
yearns for Moksham
     c&d Mukthas and Nityas: Those realised souls who are engaged in his
Nitya Kimharyam at his abode.

What are the enemies and desires of above mentioned group of people?

We will discuss that in the next post.


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