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Azhagiyasingar's Prayer For Universal Welfare

From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Sat Dec 11 1999 - 16:38:06 PST

SrI Lakshminrusimha ParabrahmaNE namaha
SrI Lakshminrusimha divya pAdukA sEvaka srIvaN-
SatakOpa SrI nArAyaNa yateendra mahAdESIkAya namaha

 Dear devotees,
 namO nArAyaNA.
  Below is an article that appeared in the daily
 "The Hindu", in its Hyderabad edition, on Nov 20.

 adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
 ananthapadmanAbha dAsan

Eversince the present 45th jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Muth
was annointed, his single point programme has made to
develop Ahobila Kshetra and to bring back its glory.
On taking over the reins of the Muth, his very first
visit shortly thereafter was to make an on the-spot
study. Having endeared himself to his numerous disciples
and devotees all over the BhArata dEsa and abroad,
encouragement came forth from all directions. He then
decided to visit Ahobilam as often as possible.  By
virtue of the mandate given to the first Jeeyar of Sri
Ahobila Muth six hundred years ago by Lord
Lakshminarasimha Himself, that he, the jeeyar should go
from village to village to cater to the spiritual
welfare of the people, it is obligatory for all
successive Jeeyars to follow this mandate and which
to this day,  they keep up, hence the trip to Ahobilam
by the Jeeyars of Ahobila Muth as often as possible,
since they cannot stay out in one place.

However, the cause - development of Ahobilam - having
deeply impressed on the mind of the present 45th Jeeyar,
Sri Laksmhinarasimha Divya Paduka Sevaka Srivan Satagopa
Sri Narayana Yateendra Maha Desikan, he decided not to
spare any effforts to the fulfilment of this ambition.

His first visit to Ahobilam in November 1992 was for a
few days. But he took care to participate in the
BrahmOtsavam that followed. The year 1993 afforded him
a chance to observe ChAturmAsya Sankalpa when he stayed
in Ahobilam for over two months. His first poject
successfully completed was to lay 32 steps to the
Bhairava Kunda in Upper Ahobilam at a cost of
Rs.30000 that afforded a facility to the pilgrims to
get down and have a refreshing bath.

Ahobilam shrine was long back the target of the infields
who looted the temple property and the Lord and other
deities were bereft of the usual ornaments. The Jeer
was moved to see the plight and lord Prahalada Varada’s
Sankha, Chakra, Abhaya Hastam, Paadha Peetam were all
covered with gold.

A gold crown and yajnopaveetha also in gold were
presented to the deity. This cost the Muth a sum of
Rs.15 lakhs and were consecrated on 1st March 1993.

At Dighuva Ahobilam the pushkarani (temple tank) which
was in utter ruins and stinking, was renovated and
opened for the use of the pilgrims on 17.10.1994 at a
cost of Rs.17 lakhs. It is a boon indeed for the
visiting devotees.

A maha ratham (temple chariot) at cost of Rs.24 lakhs
was made and inaugurated during the Brahmotsavam on the
Rathosava day on 5.3.1996. A sum of  Rs.9 lakhs was
graciousaly donated as a matching grant by the
Endowments Dept. Govt. of Andhra Pradesh through
Common Good Fund. The rest of the cost Rs.15 lakhs
was met by the Jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Muth. The Andhra
Pradesh Government was also good enough to lay pucca
roads on all the four mAda veedhis in Ahobilam for the
successful run of the MahA Ratham.

The Jeeyar took the initiative then to lay a good path to
Chatravata Sannidhi (one of the Nava Narasimhas) for the
convenience of the pilgrims.

As per the direction of His Holiness, one of his
disciples undertook to lay steps from the shrine of
Ahobila Narasimha (upper Ahobilam) to Sri Malola
Shrine - a difficult task on the winding route on the

By this endearment and through nogotiations, some
encroachments were cleared where the shed for the MahA
Ratham is now constructed.

The Jeeyar has made arrangements for daily pooja to be
performed in the Nava Narasimha shrines without
interuption.  Hitherto it was only occasionally this
pooja was being done.

Steps have been taken to provide facility for stay at
Upper Ahobilam for Archakas, Paricharkaas etc., to be
of assistance to the visiting pilgrims.

Fulfilling his desire to renovate all the 9 Narasimha
shrines in Lower and Upper Ahobilam, the jeeyar, with
the help of Andhra Pradesh Governement, is in the task
of completing this renovation. The Jeeyar has
undertaken to renovate the Malola temple in Upper
Ahobilam at the Muth’s cost estimated at Rs.15 lakhs,
and the work is progressing.

The Ahobila Muth has built a guest house complex
consisting of 14 rooms and 10 dormitories for the
convenience of the pilgrims. Inagurated on the
occasion of the 6th centenary celebrations of the
establishment of Ahobila Muth in 1998, this complex
construction cost the Muth a sum of Rs.60 lakhs.

Three big halls with asbestos roofs have been built on
the northern side of the Prahalada Varada Temple. One
hall is meant for the use of the general public, one
hall for marriage parties and one will serve as quarters
for the temple staff.

Borewells have been dug at a few points in Ahobilam and
with over-head tanks and pump-motors, drinking water
facility has been provided to the village as well as
the travellers.

Steps are being taken to implement a drinking water
project for the entire Ahobilam village as a permanent
measure, by laying pipes etc., so as to bring BhArgava
theertha to the people.

The VAhanams used during BrahmOtsavam in Ahobilam are
in a damaged state. Hence the Jeeyar has undertaken to
make new vahanas - each costing not less than Rs.2 ˝
lakhs. Simha Vahanam has been taken up first. The rest
will be completed soon.

An Addala Mandapa is being erected in Lower Ahobilam in
Prahlada Varada Shrine.

The link between Tirumala and Ahobilam dates back to
BrahmAnda purAnam which continues even to this day. The
officials of TTD who have endeared themselves to His
Holiness and also in view of the cordial relationship
between TTD and Ahobima Muth, have very generously been
sending TTD temple honours including Pattur and SEsha
vastralu to Sri Ahobila Narasimha every year on the
auspicious KalyAnOtsavam during BrahmOtsavam of
Ahobila Devasthanams.

The maintenance of TTD choultry in lower Ahobilam has
been handed over to the Muth authorities recently.
Taking up this responsibility, the Muth is providing
good service to the pilgrims who enjoy their stay
here confortably.

The 6th centenary celebrations in 1998 saw the
erection and operation of an electric sub-station by
APSEB which has to a good extent removed the erratic
power supply there hitherto. Thanks to APSEB, there is
shimmering light in the Ahobilam village. The Jeeyar’s
prayers were answered at a very appropriate time.

At the instance of His Holiness ever concened with the
development of Ahobilam, the Government of Andhra
Pradesh have taken steps to widen the roads
(1) from Allagadda to Ahobilam and
(2) from Ahobilam to Upper Ahobilam. The Muth commends
the devotion of duty of the officials of Andhra Pradesh

To commemorate the 6th centenary celebrations of the
Ahobila Muth, the Jeeyar has presented gold cover to
Sri Prahlada Varda and his two consorts made at a cost
of about 30 lakhs.

Praying for universal welfare and also praying for
development of Ahobila Kshetra, the Jeeyar of Sri
Ahobila Muth has initiated performance of special
pooja, homam, tirumanjanam, Sahasranam Archana every
month on the “Swathi” Nakshtra day, at all the Nava
Narasimha shrines both in lower and upper Ahobilam,
and this special pooja is successfully continuing
every month. A large number of Narasimha devotees
are participating from all parts of the India,
including Andhra Pradesh.

Catering arrangement are also now available to the
visiting opilgrims, who enjoy the timely food.

His Holiness is about to start a vEda pAtasAlA in
Ahobilam and a stotra pAta class so that people may
turn to devotional path.

It can be decisively said that these are no small
achievements. The Jeeyar of  Sri Ahobilam wishes
that, Ahobilam should prosper like Tirumala and
hence he has put in all efforts to fulfil this
objective. The funds he earns in other parts of
the country paid to him as pAda kAnikka are
diverted for the development of Ahobilam. It
should be in the thought of every one to give
him a helping hand, and to give encouragement to
all his developmental activities.