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Re: Vaikunda Ekadasi festival begins

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 22:13:10 PST

--- wrote:
> Dear Bhagavatas
TIRUCHI, DEC. 9. The Annual Vaikunda Ekadasi
> Festival at the Sri > Ranganathaswami temple at
Srirangam commenced today> with ``Arayar Sevai'' at 
> the Arjunan mandapam by Sri Nathamuni Arayar. 
> There was heavy police bandobust at the temple to
> prevent any untoward > incidents. 

adiyen also read this report and is still wondering
how these days along with "tirunedunthangam"
recitations, "untoward incidents" and "heavy police
bandobast" have also become part and parcel of
"arayar-sevai"! (Beauty and the beastly, I guess.)

But then who can question such things and hope to get
valid answers? It is all Ranganathan's "tiruvullaM"!
If it is "bhagavath-sankalpam" that 'arayar-sevai'
must be conducted under "heavy police-bandobast" ...
we better accept it.

Just a thought.

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