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Re:Srivaishnavism in isolation.

From: bindinganavale suresh (
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 05:06:07 PST

Dear bhagavatha,
                Your question is very much relevant
for our times as majority of us land up most of the
times in an atmosphere which is anything but

 Now the following can be adopted so that spiritual
mood is in us,when we can't get the same from outside

1. Remember that Lord is everywhere as antaryamin and
the term Isolation immediatley looses its meaning.
2. Spiritual life or Philosophical life is a "Way of
life" and not" mere speculation or group discussions"
even though the later are included as elements of
Spiritual life.
   As Lord Krishna says in the bhagavad gita,that
wherever we are,whatever we do(ofcourse according to
our understanding of Dharma),we must offer all at his
holy feet.This way of life converts all our actions
through mind,body and speech as a service to him.In
short our secular life is spiritualised.
3. We all know that "Good Books are the Best friends
of a man". Now our Good books are :-
   1. Bhagavad Gita.
   2. Srimad Bhagavatham.
   3. Upanishads.
   4. Brahma-sutras and works of alwars.
   5. Last but not the least, all the books dealing
with the glory of our lord.
4. Carry photos of the Archaswarupa of our lord and
whenever we have free time,let us see the photo and be
blessed.If any of us can remember the form of our lord
in our mind,then it is still more better.If you have
computer save some of our lords' photos as jpgs etc
and view them whenever you want.
5. Finally if we have an access to internet,Join the
bhakti list and we can directly interact with people
close to our mind and heart.
6. Visit Temples of our lord whenever we can and feel
7. I think whoever reads this message can surely come
out with other methods to remember our lord and
continue to be in spiritual mood.

Sri krishnaarpanamasthu

Suresh B.N.

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