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Re: Saligramam

From: Greg Jay (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 07:44:16 PST

Dear Mr Narayanan, namaskaram

I went to Muktinath (Saligramam) in 1978 by walk from Pokara. I would
suggest several ways to do it. From Calcutta you need to get to Pokara
which is about 200 km west of Kathmandhu. So either go to Kathmandhu first
or somehow go straight to Pokara. If you have a huge amount of money I
believe you can get a helicopter from either Kathmandu or Pokara to
Muktinath. One gentleman told me he did it this way but I think he said
that it cost about 1/2 a lakh. Otherwise there are infrequent flights on
Royal Nepalese Airways in small planes from either Pokara or Kathmandu to
Jomsom which is 1 days march from Muktinath. If you don't want to spend the
money on these then you have to walk. Of course you can take a bus from
Kathmandu to Pokara but from there you must walk. The route is easy to
follow and you can get guide maps cheaply in Pokara. The route goes through
the tibetan refugee camp just outside of town to Nau Danda, Biretante,
Ghorapani, Tatopani, Maufa, Jomsom, Kagbeni to Muktinath. This take about a
week to 10 days one way. If you want to go further on the route to Mustang
past Kagbeni to Damodara Kund that adds another 3 days one way. Most of the
Saligramams can be obtained at Kagbeni. Good luck.

adiyen ramanuja dasan

Keshava das