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Re: Yadugiri

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 12:14:34 PST

Dear Sri Simhavishnu :
I am copying Dr.M.Alwar , who is a native of Melkote
and resident of Mysore now as a Professor in the Sanskrit
College. He has access to the photo and would be able to help you .
Best wishes,

P.S: Sriman Seva Swamy  of Chennai ( Villivaakkam ) 
has published a wonderful book on
Sri Sthuthi , where there are number of beautiful
pictures of ThAyArs of various famous dhivya Desams.You 
may wish to make a donation to  a Kaimkaryam
for Swamy Desikan sponsored by him and get a copy
from this mahAn .I have copied Mr.Ghanta Mani ,his son ,
who works in the Hindu Offices.
Best wishes,

At 06:10 AM 12/8/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Bhagavatas,
>ubhaya vedanta sabha of my village i.e. Pentapadu, W. G. Dist., AP, is
planning to release Sri Venkatadhvari's "lakshmI sahsram"
>with telugu translation by Smt Hemabjavalli of the same village. for this
kainkaryam, and for a few other, we need ThAyAr's utsavar's photos at
different temples. can someone please send the A4 size photo of Melkote
thAyAr's utsavar to me to the address given below?
>Design Engineer, CMPC, EDRC
>L&T-ECC Construction Group
>P. B. No. 979
>CHENNAI- 600089
>Ph:    91-44-2342727
>       91-44-2326318
>Ext:   4150
>FAX:   91-44-2342317
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