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RE: Srivaishnavism in isolation.

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 21:45:31 PST

Dear Sheshadri Ranganathan,

The situation you are facing is nothing new.  It happens to many 
srivaishnavas.  You should mingle with people and try to talk to them what 
they are talking about.  You may not be able to express your ideas publicly 
since they may not agree with the view of others.

Try to make time for yourself to learn and read about our scriptures. 
 Reading about scriptures, particularly upanisads (for me) gives me lot of 
strength to face life and problems of isolation in general.  It is good to 
somehow go to temples often.  If you find a vaishnava temple it is fine. 
 If you find a Harekrishna temple that is also fine since atleast Lord 
Krishna is common to us.  You can also try to meet srivaishnavas here and 
there to have a comfortable atmosphere.  YOu should definitely keep 
Bhagavadgita handy and read a chapter a day.  That will keep all sorrows 

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Dear Bhaktas,

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