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SF Bay Area: November 28th Celebrations Report
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 18:04:35 PST

Sri Raamajayam
Srimathe Gopaala Desika Mahaa Desikaya Namaha

Dear Bhagavathaas,

                   On Nov 28th November 1999, Bhagavathaas from
the Bay Area had gathered at Adiyen's residence to celebrate
Thirumangai, Thirupaanazhvaar and Nampillai Thirunakshathiram.

The event was blessed with very nice pictures of Thirumangai
Azhvaar, who was seated next to our Acharyas (Sri Raamanuja, Sri
Desikar and Sri Manavaala Maamunigal) all facing the Divya

The event started with rendering of Thaniyans to our Guru
Parampara.  Respecting our tradition, Thirupalliezhuchi,
Thiruppaavai and other Azhvaar Paasurams were skipped this month.

Subsequently Alavandaar's Chathusloki was recited followed by
Sri.Mani's explanation of the Divya Gunaas of Thayaar, Sri Mahaa
Lakshmi who is inseperably united to Perumaal, from the

Followed by this Adiyen gave a short introduction on the Azhvaars
and Nampillai Avataaram and Vaibhavam.

Then Sri.Srinivasan Iyengar (Fremont) made an excellent
presentation on Sri Valmiki Raamayana, presenting the Kalyaana
Gunaas of Sri Raama in Sri.Valmiki's words.  The main gist was
how the Divinity of Raama as the Supreme emerges in the Raamayana
even though Sri.Raama does his best to suppress his divinity
(Amanushyathvam) (on a comparitive note all other Raamayanas
visualize Raama as God and then the text was written).
Interesting incidents from the Bala/Ayodhya/Sundara/Yuddha Kandam
and Uttara Kandam were talked about in great detail, so much so
that we had to break before the next Upanyaasam.

During the break Bhagavad Prasaadam was distributed and
Bhagavathaas introduced themselves.

Soon Sri.Mani (San Francisco) talked briefly on our Azhvaars and
started talking in greater length on our Kaliyan (Thirumangai
Azhvaar) and his great works.  The way he rendered the Siriya
Thiru Madal brought everyone into joy.  Sri.Mani also spoke on
interesting incidents from the Azhvaars life, including his
marriage to Kumudhavalli Thayaar, his transformation from a
chieftain to a Srivaishnavite and then to a thief (who stole
Ashtaakshara for us?) and finally his Divya Anubhavam with
Perumaal (threating to write a Madal if the Maa Mayan does not
take him to be his consort).  With that we were able to take the
sweetest medicine for sins.

Even though we have no Thirupaanazhvaar Paasurams outside
Amalanaathipiraan, Sri.Mani made a beautiful explanation how the
Azhvaar packed the gist of the Vedas in such a short work, and how
great a Parama Bhagavathaa the Azhvaar was.  Recollection of
Sri.Desikar on "Our Paananathan" was mentioned very nicely.

Sri.Mani spoke on our Nampillai, and how indispensable he is in
our Sri Vaishnava Parampara.  Interesting incidents from this
Acharyas life were brought to light by Sri.Mani.

Finally the group recited Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama and performed
Mangalam to the Azhvaars and Acharyas to bring the event to a
close for the day.

The event was very fulfilling that we extended the schedule by
atleast 2 hours. All of us were able to feel the Paripoorna
Anugraham of our Acharyas & Divya Dhampatis.  This should serve
as a great start for our Sri Vaishnava Sathsangam in the Bay Area
and I am sure it will continue to grow and prosper in the coming
months and years.

Adiyen Sri Raamanuja Daasan,

Sudarsana Dasosmi