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SAHIT service program
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 16:18:10 PST

During the celebration of his thirunakshatram and Deepavali, HH Sri Tridandi
SrimanNarayana Ramanuja Jeear Swamy inaugurated an aggressive campaign to
encourage kainkaryam activities that all bhAgavathas should engage in
throughout India and the US.  The campaign is dubbed SAHIT, Serve All
Humanity in the Twenty-first century.   

Central to this campaign is the ideal of bhAgavatha kainkaryam, and how it
can be expressed in several ways. Some may choose a more traditional path,
such as participation in and support of traditional SriVaishnava gatherings
and temple functions.   Others may choose to propogate the wonder of His
anantakalyAnaguNas and the riches of our satsampradAyam.  And, yet others
can express their servitude to Him and His devotees by fostering and
promoting humanitarian and moral ideals, which can be best expressed in
taking care of those in need and providing financial assistance to temples
and educational institutions.  It is this last approach to service that HH
stresses in the SAHIT Campaign.

HH urged bhAgavathas to gather together, taking inspiration from the youth
wing of his ashram, Vikasa Tarangini, and make efforts to find ways to serve
Perumal through service to their respective temple and community.

HH is also encouraging bhAgavathas to ensure the continuation of the noble
efforts of Vikasa Tarangini in India by contributing a donation of just $25
year to support this organization's activities.  Here are a list of specific
areas that can be supported:

	1.	Medical Services Camps. 
	2.	Nursing Homes for the Elderly. 
	3.	Education for the underprivileged children. 
	4.	Environmental Services. 
	5.	Badari Annadanam (Free Food) Project. 
	6.	Reviving Old Temples. 
	7.	Vedic Schooling. 
	8.	Tribal upliftment schemes. 
	9.	Publication of Spiritual Literature. 
	10.	Publication of Moral Literature. 
	11.	General. 

The full amount of this tax-deductible contribution will go towards the
specific cause that one chooses.  Those interested in supporting any of
these causes should send a check (payable to JETUSA) to:

4936 Seasons Drive
Troy MI 48098

Sponsors should include their name, mailing address, telephone number, and
e-mail address, and indicate which of the above areas they wish their
donations to go towards.

More information about SAHIT is available in HH Jeear Swamy's web page:

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan