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Mumookshapadi -Thirumantra Prakaranam Part-V
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 00:50:59 PST

Respected Members of Bakthi List,

In the previous post, it was said that Thirumantram gives five meanings .
they are

a. Nature of Atma
b. Nature of Bhagavan
c. The Way (Upayam) to attain Him.
d. The Fruit or the Phalan of such attainment.
e. the impediments which blocks us to attain Him.

In this current post, we will proceed from there.

24. Poorvacharyas considered that they were not born till such time they
understood the meanings of thirumantram. Once, understood, they always
concentrated on this Thirumantram alone and none else.
(Swami quotes  here  a beautiful pasuram of thirumazhisaipiran, "Anru naan
Piranthilen, Pirantha pin, maranthelen)

25. Inspite of many benefits(Material benefits, Kaivalyam, Moksham etc..)
this thirumantram could give,
Poorvacharyas always preferred Bhagavan alone as the phalan and none else.

26. The meaning of thirumantam could be understood in two ways.

a. OM NAMA: --  NARAYANAYA(spilt in to two words)

As per sruthi, OM is one single letter
NAMA: - Two lettered,
NARAYANA- Five lettered word , and hence total Ashtaksharam. eight words.

by this way, one can understand that Atma's nature is servitude and para
thantirum(not trying to do any good to itself, living only as per His

b. OM - NAMA-NARAYANA(split in to three words)

OM- Describes the servitude of the Jeevan
NAMA- Describes that no other way except Him
NARAYANA- describes to be with Him and enjoy Him is the only the Phalan for
such jeevan.

27. the phalan of Thirumantram is already described in premeyasaram and

(Sri Pillai Lokachariar refers to his other works,  premeyasaram and
Archiradri, and says that how the jeevan enjoys the phaln is described

Recently, Sri.Venkatesh Elayavalli has written quick and beautiful
commentries on Archiradri.where  he had described
how  a jeevan goes  through this path to attain Bhagvan.

the spiltting Thriumantam is one of the contentious issues between
Vadagalai and Thennacharya Sampradayams.
We will try to attempt at this topic in the posts to come.

With this information, we will close this post . we will discuss detailed
meanings of thirumantam in the next post.



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