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thiru adhyayana sEvai - part 20 - athi nal nambiyai nAdinArkkE !

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat Dec 04 1999 - 06:35:41 PST

Srimadh Azhagiya singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri RangarAjan thiruvadikaLE saraNam

thiru adhyayana sEvai - part 20 - athi nal nambiyai nAdinArkkE !

Dear bAgawathAs,

azhum piLLai vAdum periyOr bEthamillai
Azhagu peNgaL uram AngaL kELviyillai
kodum thuyar meelA thollai meethamillai
athi nal nambiyai nAdinArkkE!

The new born babies are crying. They cannot speak yet.  But  they
can  cry.  They  do  so  in fear of the samsAram that is going to
separate them from Sri Aranga sAmeebyam. Their  only  longing  is
"can't  this samsAram be in Sriranga  ksEthram so that adiyEn can
atleast  be present physically there and see the nitya utsavam of
Sri Arangan?  Those  elders  are riping and are worn out in their
old ages. They have worn themselves out in service of Sri Arangan
all these days  and  are exhausting their mortal body in whatever
way they can to serve Sri Arangan. For a sath AchAryA there is no
bhEdham among these two.  They  help  both these jivAthmAs attain
perumAL's thruvadi. The  girls  of Srirangam are all so beautiful
only to serve the Lord  through  their pathis. Sri Arangan is the
most beautiful of all. HIS nagaram also has only beautiful girls.
Since HE is the parama  purushAL  all those AthmA that attain Sri
rangam are all sEshi and patthinis to HIM. Once an Athma goes  to
Srirangam and surrender to  the  Lord  Sri  Arangan  their  Athma
become very beautiful due to its sambhandam with Sri Arangan. So,
the beautiful girls in Srirangam also means those AthmAs that are
surrendered to Sri Arangan. The men of Srirangan  are  so  strong
and  are  all  doing  so  many  nithya  kainkaryams  to   perumAL
physically and without a break. Such strength is given to them by
Lord Sri Arangan to serve HIM constantly.  A  sath AchAryAL donot
question whether one is a strong male or  beautiful  female.

(meaning contd)
He simply performs saranAgathi  to  both  of  them and  help them
attain perumAL Sri Arangan's thiruvadi. The affliction, sorrow or
grief  and the that trouble which is in the name of sugam that is
never escapable (meeLA) are all exhausted by a  sathA  achAryAL's
grace. Also the the heap of sin or prArabha karma (kodum  thuyar)
assigned for this life until now, and the "meeLA thollai" ie, the
sanchitha karma that has been accumulated so far in  many  births
will all be burnt at  the instant  of prapatti or saranagathi due
to  sathAcharyAL's aruL. The word "thollai"  also means   ancient
or "pazhamai" and the meeLA means those sanchitha  karmA that one
cannot eascape. "athi nal"  means suddha sathvam. One who seek to
surrender to perumAL and do prapatti or saranagathi  through  an
sathAchAryAL will burn all their karma kadal in a split second.

Uthsava Arambam details:
Sri Utthama nambi is the direct descendant of  Sri periAzhwAr and
Sri AndaL's vamsam. It was Sri AndAL who brought HER Athma deepam
*first* and surrenderd  to Sri Ranganathan and showed us  the way
by her demonstration. She also gave us the saranAgathi shAshthram
"thirup pAvai" showing step by step her Athama jyOthi samarppanam
to Sri Arangan. Hence the tradition  of her  is  continued by her
vamsatthAr  even today in Srirangam. One can look at this episode
and  derive their own explanations that suit  their sampradhAyam.
There is no virOdham in it.  adiyEn  belong to "madappalli vantha
manam" and Sri sannithi. So, adiyEn writes the explanations as to
what Sri Arangan and Sri AndaL makes me write in our traditions.

Srimadh Azhagiya singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri RangarAjan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
thiruk kudanthai Rengarajan


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