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thiru adhyayana sEvai - part 19 - pAvaiyin sOthi padarnthidum sOthi !

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat Dec 04 1999 - 05:49:04 PST

Srimadh Azhagiya singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri RangarAjan thiruvadikaLE saraNam

thiru adhyayana sEvai - part 19 - pAvaiyin sOthi padarnthidum sOthi !

Dear bAgawathAs,

etthanai Ayiram ANdugalAy eriyum nilAvE
atthanai payirum thooNdu viriyum kathirE
pAvaiyin sOthi padarnthidum sOthi
sEvaiyun sOthi anthara sOthiyE!

This moon is burning (inside in its own AthmA)  for  so many years
due to  its longing. Its separation from Sri Arangan makes it burn
its feeling as well its inside. It is sometime seen that such moon
is burning in the nights and showing us all its "dhAbam"  for  Sri
Arangan. Sri Sooryan is burning physically as well and induces all
the "payirs" or  crops  in this universe. It is all in a hope that
such kainkaryam will one day, creat  a "payir" that will be served
to Sri Arangan  as  his  prasAdham. Without the sun rays the crops
cannot survive. So in order to support the kainkaryam of providing
nel to Sriranga kshEthram sooryan is constantly burning itself and
doing athma thyAgam and reminding us  all  of what we should do to
SriArangan constantly. ie the  purpose of jivAthmA is to serve the
divya dampathis eternally. Since Sri Sooryan can only do so in the
daytime, it glows its sibbling nilA and yet send its kiraNangaL or
"OLi" even in the night  to us as a reflection and makes us remind
of our  Athma  samarppanam. All these Athma samarppana thatthuvams
are taught to us in detail and step by step by our pAvai SriANDAL.
Her jyOthi is thirup pAvai. The  thirup  pAvai jyOthi  is one that
will spread  all over the universe and light up the entire clan of
jivAthamA's jyOthi. By doing such sEvai it will pave way for those
jivAthma jyOthis to merge with the anthar jyOthi Sri Arangan.

kArthigai (contd)..
Thirumugappattiyam or divine epistle:
Thirumangai  maNNan  went around to many divya dEsams and praised
the Lord. Finally  on  his  return,  he  was  tired of everything
including the life. On his thiru nakshatthiram day (ie kArthigai)
day, he pleaded to Lord Sri Arangan for the mArgam to attain  the
Lord. Lord SriArangan replied "Azhweer, samsArigaLai ninthikkavum
parObathEsam seyyavum thuNintha  umakku  bagawath prApthi uNdenRu
neer nicchayitthuk  koNdeerO ?" ie Did you come to the conclusion
that you will anyway get the  mOksham  as  you have began to hate
samsAram and to expect parObathEsam ?   AzhwAr  was  worried  and
replied that "ARRangarai vAzh maRam pOl anchugirEn,  irupAdu  eri
koLLiyin uL eRumbE pOl urugA niRkum,  maNiyE  mAnikkamE,  paNiyAy
enakku uyyum  vagai  paranchOthi!" ie. Oh Lord I am living a life
in which  adiyEn is  scared like a tree on the banks of the river
that often is flooded and as well as similar to an ant in an oven
of fire. adiyEn have no other way than to  seek  your  blessings.
Please show me the way to attain your holy feet".

Then  perumAL told AzhwAr that "only  those  who  surrender their
suddha sathva Athama to me through  an AchAryA can attain ME", by
showing the "thiruk kArtthigai deepam samarppanam" by Sri Utthama
nambi. Sri utthama nambai also disclosed to  AzhwAr  the  implied
meanings of this thiruk kArthigai deepam samarpanam (suddha Athma
samarppanam  or  bara  samarppanam) and conveyed that Lord showed
the same to Sri nammAzwAr as the ujjevana upAyam. Jyothi is often
the symbol for the AthmA. So by surrendering  the  Athama  jyOthi
that belonged to this anthar "jyOthi" or  "param jyOthi"  through
an  AchAryAn (Sri utthama nambi) one can attian, By doing
Athma saranAgathi or baranyAsam through an AchAryA one can attain

Srimadh Azhagiya singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri RangarAjan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
thiruk kudanthai Rengarajan


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