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"the best is yet to come"

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Sat Dec 04 1999 - 01:17:55 PST

Dear members,

Here are adiyen's stray thoughts on the eve of the new
millennium. Please give your valuable views:

As the world enters the 21st century, in every sphere
of human life it is being said that "the best is yet
to come". It is said the future portends better
conditions for human life than ever in the past or

* They are saying that more and more numbers of
peoples in the world will enjoy political freedom than
they ever did in human history. Democracy is spreading
everywhere and peoples are becoming free to choose
their destinies and their rulers. Gone forever are the
days of monarchic or authoritarian oppression.

* They are saying that the world is becoming "one big
global market". This means people will be better fed
in the new century and they will have more and cheaper
goods to buy and consume... Children will have better
and more toys to play with. And so will adults who
will have more "smart" things like digital TVs, cars,
computers, CD-players, mobiles, etc. Also everyone
will have better health and better education and
better homes and better holiday-travel and better
pension-plans... better standards of living and better
quality of life.

* Sometime in the next century, it is said, man will
be able to better exploit planet Mars for human uses
such as satellite communication or space research,
regulation of weather systems etc. or even as small
space colonies.

* Sometime in the next century, they say, they will
have human genetic "clones" take up those difficult or
unpleasant tasks of life for which today robots or
immigrant-labour are employed. Man will thus be freed
to do more important things in life in his leisure.

Thus, on the eve of the new millennium all the world's
governments, scientists, economists, technologists and
businessmen seem to be full of hope for the future.
They are all saying, "THE BEST FOR MANKIND IS YET TO

In stark contrast to the above, religious and
spiritual leaders everywhere are saying the exact
opposite. They are saying that the glorious days of
mankind were all in the distant past. 

The Christians hearken back to the age of Christ as
the best in man's history. 

The Muslims look back to the times when Muhammed
walked amongst them as being the golden age of man. 

To the Buddhists the best that ever happened to
mankind happened when the Buddha lived amongst them. 

To the adherents of the Vedic religion the best of
times was in the "krta" or "trEta" "yugA-s" of
pre-historic era and what lies ahead is only more and
more misery in the age of the "kali-yuga".  

"Happiness lies in the road ahead", say Science,
Technology and Economics, "So look ahead with hope!".
"Happiness lies in the glorious past", says Religion,
"So look back and take heed".

There seems to be a serious schism in basic outlook
here, isn't it? Science seems essentially "forward
looking" while Religion seems forever

To Religion the past is much more glorious than the
present. So, does religion have a future?

To Science & Technology, the present affords more hope
than the past. So, perhaps Science & Technology has a
glorious future?

What do members think?

(adiyen is putting down the above thoughts not to
provoke controversy but interesting/healthy debate


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