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Nithiyam Or Utsavam

Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 14:50:53 PST

Arangan AruL Pera Aasaippadum AdiyaargaLe,

'Net' enRa valai moolamaaga thaenthamizhil nammai chokki chikka vaikkum 
azhagaana ezhuThaalum, adharkku thaan kodukkum viLLakkaThaalum Arangan 
pugazhpaadum thiru sampath rangarajan avargaLukku nam ellorin saarbaagavum 
thaazhndhu paNindhu nanriyai theriviThukkoLgiren.

I have seen that moon that jumps in excitement in the sky over srirangam. I 
have heard the birds that chirp with just a little more urgency. Always 
wondered why everything glowed just a little brighter. The well-water seemed 
cooler, the groves thicker, the trees bending with the weight of such fruits 
as I've never seen anywhere else...... Wonder what sins i must've commited 
that i'm stuck in the 'alaigaLukku naduvil ThaThaLLikkum padagu' called life 
in the US (with only one oar, I sometimes feel) when Treasure Island 
celebrates the Lord so far away.....and then again maybe it's the handful of 
rice that i so enjoyed giving to the 'kutti yaanai' (baby elephant) as a 
child that earned me enough punyam to at least read your writings and 
Viji Rghunathan