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Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 11:50:39 PST

Sri Raamajayam

Sri Gopaala Desika MahaaDesikaaya Namaha

Dear Bhagavathaas,
                  There has been a lot of traffic on the question of 
who gets Moksha.
Let us ask first what is Moksha?
Moksha is the place where a Jeeva is freed of rebirths and is
 in the abode of Sriman Naarayana to enjoy the greatest bliss
 the Jeeva can hope to achieve.  Sriman Naarayana is the Supreme, 
who is 100% Sathvik and is filled with Divya Gunaas.

How do I gain Moksha?
In Srivaishnavite faith, Moksha is achieved by Bhakthi or 
Prapatthi with a very clear understanding that Sriman Naarayana 
is the cause, he is the goal and we surrender to 
him with all our heart and physique.   

Relating to Draupadi getting Vastrabharanam through the lord,
 or Ajamilan getting Moksha or a beggar getting Moksha is all 
nice to hear, but the basic understanding is unless the Jeeva
 seeks Moksha, he will not get it.  Draupadi seeks Sriman 
Naarayana as her saviour with complete devotion(that she lifts 
her hand up inconsequential of the situation that her 
hands alone can cover her body, after the last cloth gets 
pulled away, that is COMPLETE SURRENDER).  That is why by 
God's Abhaara Karuna she gets saved.  In that moment if she 
had asked for Moksha, she would have got it.

As for Ajaamilan, when calling his son(Ninth) Naarayana, he 
thinks for a fraction of a second, the Lord, and that lets him 
perform Prapatthi, to attain Moksha.

A fallen man seeking Sriman Naarayana's help(or even through
 a Demi-God), definitely gets helped by the Lord(or through 
the Lord), but that is not Moksha.  Many students pray before
 the exams to Perumaal, and God does helps them in the way 
they deserve. They do not get Moksha.  Same with a beggar or
 anyone who prays at a Temple/home/anywhere. 

But Moksha is a state of realization, this Earthly life is 
futile, I seek the Lord in his name Sriman 
Naarayana/Govinda/Madhusudhana/..., grant me refuge.   Then 
in the same realization I realize I do not have that kind of 
Bhakthi(like Dhruva or Prahlaada) & do not have a focus in 
Bhakthi(due to my Malam, Vyakshapam or Ajnaanam), that I 
might somehow falter into asking the Lord, "in my next birth 
can you give me more wealth, more beautiful/nice 
parents/wife/children/husband", and the God being merciful
 grants that wish and I once again suffer in Samsaara.  

To prevent this, Prapatthi is an Ubhaayam, where we pray to 
the Lord(Acharya in the Guru Parampara), don't listen to my 
other words, at this instance my mind is clear, I seek your
 grace to take me in your abode at the end of this birth.
 Please disregard my other wishes which are diagonally 
opposite to this wish.   I promise to do my very best in 
adhering to Sastras, to have focus only on you, surrender my 
acts/results to you, and most importantly be a humble 

So even though Bhakthi is dearer to God, I realize I am not 
worthy as an Azhvaar, Acharya or other Nityasuris, that I 
undertake Prapatthi Ubhayam and would however include Bhakthi
 in Prapatthi.

Hypothetically one may argue there are other Ubhayaas for 
Moksha, like I am stubborn, even before death, I will think 
of Sriman Naarayana, and I will seek Moksha, but in reality
 we may grieve for ourself/others or may even pass away with 
out our knowing it.  IT IS RISKY.

On the other hand performing Prapatthi does not mean, "Now I 
am guaranteed Moksha.  Let me do all the sins".   Every sin 
has a consequence.  For a person in Bhakthi Maarga, his Karma
 continues in his next birth until he realizes the futility 
of earthly life and seeks Moksha.
For a person in Prapatthi Maarga, he faces his sins/good 
deeds in this life itself.  Any when we know we are getting 
Moksha, Adiyen feels we should go embellished in austere acts
 and good character rather than approaching Perumaal with "I 
have also come, take me".

These are Adiyens view, and they were made with Adiyens 
little understanding on the topic, please correct the views 
where necessary.

Adiyen Sri Raamanuja Daasan,

Sudarsana Dasosmi