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question on 'sati'
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 22:19:57 PST

Respected Members,

The practice of Sati is  more of demonstrative nature of practices.
as you know this practice was allegedly existing in northern part of the
country few hundred years back.

North india unlike south was repeatedly raided and swindled by foreign

Not just the kingdom, they laid
their hands on the social fabric of Hindu society and destoryed the rich
traditions etc,
Unfortunately women
too were taken away by the rulers and thier men along with material wealth.

After reemergence of Hindusim, People in this land had become demonstrative
in their attitude towards religion
and practice. I had once lamented in my earlier posts that we are more
becoming religious and less spritual.

Hindusim is unfortuntely  becoming more of demonstrative religions  like
these one born out of inferiority complex and
insecured mentality.

there exists a lot gap  between knowledge of scriptures, sayings and the
actual practices. we can also attribute to the
influence of Buddism on this land for almost 500 years which has wiped out
sastric dharma in this land.

Though Manu has written about women falling on the fire, he did not try to
codify that. it is more of a opinion from him.

hence there was no necssity for spritual heads to have any opinion on this



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