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Archiradhi - Part 9 Chap 3: Describing Adisesha and Sri

From: Venkatesh K. Elayavalli (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 17:05:37 PST

Dear members

In this post we continue with the commentary (not a word by word
translation) on Archiradhi of Sri Pillai Lokacharya by Ms M. S. Ramesh


Chapter 3

We now take up Chapter 3 in Archiradhi gathi. This chapter describes the
divine couch viz. Adisesha, Goddess and Lord Himself.

The divine couch viz. Adisesha looks snow white. The author says that
the body of Adisesha is silver white as of thousands of Moon have been
melted while creating Adisesha. He radiates a cool calm air. He is full
of Kalyana gunas. He is prepared to do all types of kainkarya i.e.
service to God and this sets an example to all kanikarya parars. He is
known as Anantha, Sesha, as also Tiruvananthalwan. He has numerous heads
only so that he could enjoy Bhagavan to a great extent. He is soft and
provides a sented bed to Bhagavan.

The divine couch looks like a silver hill. The precious stones on the
hoods ratiate a glow which is equal to the glow of thousand Suns. In
that background is seen Goddess Mahalakshmi. Her beautiful scented hair
puts to shame even the scent itself. Her eyes are so beautiful that the
eyes of Pundarikaksha i.e. Perumal even, occupies only a secondary
place. She radiates the beauty of balyam and yowanam. She is so tender
and sensitive that if one would have to utter a word, the sound would
affect the color of Her body. Such is Her sowkumaryam! She offeres her
bogam without any reservation to Perumal so  much so Her bogadasai is
said to make the viswaroopa of Perumal look insignificant by comparison.
She allots works to various kainkaryadaras. She is the etternal support
to all the atmas. She is equal only to God in Her actions and seelaroopa
gunas. Seela guna refers sowseelyam i.e. the great quality of being
easily approachable and move freely with all levels of people. Roopa
guna refers to beauty. Gunas refer to all other qualities. This vision
of beauty is seen seated on the right hand side of Perumal.

On the. left hand side are seated Bhoodevi and Neeladevi Bhoodevi has
even greater patience and tolerance than Sridevi. She is beautiful
beyond description. The three thayars look like three streaks of
lightning stalks for the fully blossomed lotus flower viz. Perumal. He
looks like a dark rain bearing cloud on the top of the silver hill. His
dark hue, virtually overshadows the white silver hill i.e. adisesha.


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