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Re: archiradi margam

From: Venkatesh K. Elayavalli (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 10:50:56 PST

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> Subject: Re: archiradi margam
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> Dear Sri Venkatesh,
> >     The beautifiers look at the beautified muktatma and enjoy along

> >with him, his good luck in having been blessed with a place in
> >paramapada.
>    In your recent Archiradi post, you have either quoted or said this.
I am
>  confused by the term "good luck" in this context. Is this to be taken

> literally as sheer luck? Please explain. Please don't
misunderstandthat I
> am picking at this. But this term "good luck" can mean different
things if
> understood in unintended ways.
>    Thanks.
>    adiyEn,
>    chandrasekaran.

Dear Sri Chandrasekaran,

Thanks for your query. I was a bit bussy at work and could not reply to
this email earlier.

Sri Pillai Lokacharya uses seried of quotes from Tiruvaymozhi when
describing the section on the alankara of the muktatma. One of the
quotes is based on TVM 8.9.5

     'punaiyizhaikaLaNivum aadaiyudaiyum puthukkaNippum
     nNinaiyum nNIrmaiyathanRu" enRu viSmitharaayk koNdaada

I am not 100% sure on the meaaning for the word viSmitharam, but i am
told it means amazement and it ispossible that Ms M. S. Ramesh might
have used the term 'good luck' as a loose translation.

There is one mistake I made when I started the sereis. I termed it as a
translation. Actually, it is more of a commentary than a translation.



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