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Indonesia's Ramanuja
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 23:47:42 PST

Jai Sreemannarayana,

>> It is very amply clear that Prapatti performed
>> for moksham has five angAs and three angIs, alongwith the
>> sAtvIka tyAga (counted as the sixth angA for those
>> Prapattis which are performed with the aim of attaining
>> moksham).
>> So far, the discussion was regarding the exact nature
>> of Prapatti. Lets consider that, the Indonesian Beggar
>> referred to by SrI Mani is a SrI Vaishnava, knows about
>> SrIman nArAyaNa etc. adiyEn will write later as to what
>> would be the case when that Indonesian Beggar has "his
>> own conception of God" (which infact was the original
>> question/issue raised by SrI SEshAdri, if adiyEn's memory
>> is right). Based on the pramAnams :

Can't recollect the slokam exactly but it goes like this.
Sanketyam Parihasyamcha Sobam Helanamevava...
Vaikunta Nama Grahanam Asesha Agha Aram Vidhuhu
Basically  even while addressing a person using his NAME, or if you are
mocking a person using a NAME,  or if you are praising a person using his
NAME, if that NAME is of our Dear Vaikuntanadha   he will receive moksham.

A story from Bhagavatam....( a slokam from Krishna Satakam in Telugu called
AjaMeela Upakhynam )
Name a bad quality and he would make that bad quality look bad.
That was his level of crookedness of a person called Ajameela.
He was such a nasty person Yama Kinkaras waited for him so that
he can be carried to Narakam. Because of his qualities he was reserved a
seat in Narakam not once
but several times. He had a son called Narayana and right before his last
he called his son using his NAME "Narayana". That's it. Yama Kinkaras
couldn't even touch him.
His doubly reserved round trip seat in Narakam was released and was offered
a free one-way ticket
to His abode.

Now coming back to the Indonesian Beggar, he could have fallen in a drain,
he could have fallen in
a well. That beggar could have fallen in any other place. But of all places
in the world he fell in front of
Bhagavat Ramanuja. Hold on guys, just imagine a kid. Say a three year old.
He comes running, He is
so engrossed in his own world playing games and stuff, he doesn't care
about his own mother. He keeps
playing gets hurt so badly and tries to run around because of unbearable
pain. He doesn't know it is
pain. But that pain is killing him.  The intensity of pain is so bad he
starts losing vision, he doesn't see
his own mother standing a few feet away.  He falls in front of his own
mother bleeding profusely. He is

Now tell me what the mother will do? Do you think she will say my three
year old has done so much
Papam and he is not a Prapanna for me to even touch him.  Let him go to
Apacharam! Apacharam!! Apacharam!!!. She will immediately take the child in
her lap and try to do what
ever she can.  Here it is Ramanuja, Bhagavat Ramanuja, Acharya Ramanuja. To
even think that the
person will not get Moksham is something we can't imagine and runs tears
down our eyes~~~~~~~~