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Prabandha Parayanam
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 00:01:37 PST

Dear Bandhus,
>> I feel a little bit sad about this practice, for no other reason
>> other than that Thondaradippodi Alvar and Thiruppaan Alvar, whose
>> thirunakshatrams fall during this period, do not have the privilege
>> of having their Prabandhams recited on their birthdays.

>You are very right. However atleast ThiruppANAzhwAr gets his chance
>once, when ThirukkArthigai falls on RohiNi Nakshatram day. But, yes,
>Thondaradippodi AzhwAr never has this chance. Well, it is all
>BhagavadhAgnyA, Bhagavadhkainkaryaroopam.
>adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan

Think we should be infact happier. Though Prabandham Parayanam cannot be
but artha pathana *Kalakshepam* is advised and can be done during this
So this is the time to stop singing and start thinking, it's time for some
Not ordinary kind but real deep, may be even diving. How intelligent and
thoughtful were our elders!

Om Namaha Parama Rushibhyaha! Nama Parama Rushibyaha!!
Raghu Ramanuja Dasaha