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Re: caring for body: sAttvic?
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 20:34:09 PST

Sri,Sampath Swamy Wrote,

'Guru-parampara' records say that Parashara Bhattar
was one of the most handsome achAryas of his times in
SriRangam. His presence at the head of "gOshti-s"
during "utsavams",

Dear Sampath Swamy,
your account on  SriBhttar was quite Right.

Bhatar used to quote the Pasuram

"Varai chadana Kuzhambum, Van kalanum pattum....."
(2nd Thiruvandhathi)

In the above pasuram, Azhwar says, we should pray Our Dear God with
applying sandal paste, wearing pure Silk and good jasmine flowers.

Sri.Bhattar says that while we go and prostrate to Rangan who is Akila
jagat Swamin and most beautiful, at least we must ensure that our bodily
beatuy or cleanliness in line with his level (though no one can match His
If a person vists a Raja of land, will he not go well dressed?
if that is the case, if you meeting Rangarajan who is Raja of all Raja how
should you go?

Further, i had alaready mentioned in my earlier posts, for an ordoinary
person  cleanliness of body is vital to get  atma sudhhi.

it is imeprative that we keep ourselves healthy and clean  even while
clearly understanding the impermenace of the body always realising that we
need to be healthy to do nitya kaimkaryam to Emperuman.

Best Regards


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