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Re: question on 'sati'
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 20:32:17 PST

The writings of Sri Samkaracharya and Sri Ramanujacharya represent only a 
tiny fraction of what they knew or spoke about. If their writings are silent 
on the status of widows or the correctness of Sati, it does not diminsh from 
their glory. Everyone is not expected to speak on every topic.

Plus, it is doubtful if Satis were forced. I read a book "India in the eyes 
of early Muslim travellers" in which a traveller clearly states that Satis 
were voluntary. Hinduism as such does not have such a blanket negative 
attitude towards suicide as the current judicial system (the anglo-saxon 
prejudices against suicide derive from the code of Emperor Justinian) 
although it is certainly looked down upon by our Smriti Nibandhakaras like 

Form the Vedantic perspective, the "Wise do not grieve over the living or the 
dead" and so Sati cannot be justified.


In a message dated 11/30/99 11:02:19 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

 It still however leaves my question unanswered as to
 why great "achAryA-s" like adi Sankara or
 SriRamanujAchArya remained silent on the issue! Is it
 because they too like us in the present times felt
 that the Vedas did not have anything definitive to say
 on the subject? Is their silence reflective of what
 seems to us now as one of those examples of Vedic
 "equivocation" on the whole subject?
 "sati" was outlawed in India by the passing of the
 famous "Sarada Act", I think. Wonder if the
 transcripts of the parliamentary debates (if one can
 lay hands on them) leading to that historic enactment
 could possibly throw some light on this. adiyen really
 Sampathkumaran >>