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Re: Are you a True Sri Vaishnavite ?

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 23:19:52 PST

--- Praveena <> wrote:

> ------------ Shri Sampathkumar wrote --------
> (6) Recite "Vishnu-sahasranAmam" loudly and clearly.
> -----------------------------------------------
> To adiyEn's knowledge this is not prescribed as a
> every day> duty of a Sri Vaishnava. Of course adiyEn
> understands your> intention of trying to be in
Bhagavad anubhavam..

Smt.Praveena may be technically right here but she
also wrote the following: 

"Svadhyaya is the study period.  The Sri Vaishnava
spends his time in the repetition of the mantras
concentrating upon their meaning and Bhagavan and also
reading the scriptures -Itihasas and puranas and works
of Alwars and Acharyas and thus gains more and more
intimate knowledge of the forms and qualities of the
Lord who is the object of worship in the Ijya."

adiyen now offers the following for thought:

For a SriVaishnavan what better way of performing
"svAdhyAya" than to chant "Vishnu-sahasranAmam" -- the
1000 names of the Vishnu? The SahasranAmam is also
"purANa". It is replete with embedded "mantrA-s" and
hallowed "beejAksharas". It is also the work of a
great "achAryA"... the venerable BhishmAchArya, known
in his times as an "agrEsarar" amongst "gnyAni-s". It
is the work of a great yogic "rshi" -- Sage VedavyAsa
who penned it. And certainly what easier way to gain
"intimate knowledge" of the "qualities" of Bhagwan
than to know the meaning of his thousand appelations?

I agree with Smt. Praveena's observations in "letter",
but in "spirit" would however have no hesitation in 
continuing to strongly urge all members to recite the
VS as if it were really part of SriVaishnava


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