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Sri Sadagopan's postings on "Arayar Sevai"
Date: Thu Dec 31 1998 - 19:50:18 PST

Dear Sri Sadagopan

I enjoyed your postings on "Arayar Sevai" bringing out the importance of
realization of Naadabrahmam, which great Gayaka Bhaktas like Saint Thyagaraja
Annamacharya, "Geetagovindam" famed Jayadeva,  'Abhang' famed Sant Tukaram,
Purandara Dasar, Bhakta Potana, Meerabai, Bhakta Soordas and others (to
mention a few) have adopted with consummate effect. 

You have excelled yourself in this series as in every other you have been
blessing us with. I am sure it will be an eye-opener for people like me who
know nothing of Sangeetham or Saahityam and less than nothing of Nrityam.
Thank you for an educative and illuminating series of postings with
irrefutable Pramanams right from Vedas down to Divya Prabhandam etc.
Anbil Ramaswamy