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Vaikunta Ekadashi and GitOpadesham day
Date: Wed Dec 30 1998 - 21:09:21 PST

Dear Bhagavathas,

I am enjoying Sri Sadagopan's postings
on Vaikunta Ekadashi mahatmyam. I have a question on the 
coincidence of Vaikunta Ekadashi and Gita Jayanthi, as indicated
 by Sri Sadagopan. The alternative date stated by Sri Sadagopan
 for GitOpadesham day is Vijayadashami. However, Gitajayanthi 
in some almanacs is listed as the Ekadashi on Nov. 29 for this year. 
That's the day we celebrated Gita Jayanthi in our temple in Cincinnati. 

As we know, GitOpadesham is day 1 of the Mhabharatha war.
The war lasted for 18 days. Bhishma waited for beginning of
Uttarayana Punyakaalam (Makara Sankranthi), which appears
to be after the conclusion of the war.  Vaikunta Ekadashi usually 
falls towards the end of December or early part of January. 
I have never come across any year in which there was 18 plus
days gap between V.Ekadashi and Makara Sankranthi. 
Any clarification on this discrepancy is highly appreciated.


K. Sreekrishna Tatachar