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thirup pAvai - part 24 - "iLam"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Dec 30 1998 - 07:14:53 PST

"yasOdhai iLam singam"
Dear bAgawathAs,				  mArgazhi, Day 14

	Just as similar to Lord Sri Krishna being called as "nanda
gopan  kumaran"  and "vasudEva   putthiran",   Sri Krishna is also 
addressed as yAsodhai ilam singam and dEvaki nandanan.  There  are
different conceptions for each of these addressings that  one  may 
have to conceive as  similar  to how it was stated earlier for the 
addressing as nandagOpan kumaran or Father's son. Deavaki nandanan 
is addressed to state the "anatha kalyAna gunAs" of the Lord while 
Sri "Yasodhai' son" is addrressed to state the mantra upadEsam and 
the  importance  of the mantra in one's "Athma Swaroopa viLakkam". 
("viLakkam" mean realisation here).

      One must note that  the AchAryA, mantra upadEsam and  upAyam
and upEyam will all refer to the Lord HIMself  and  HIS vaibavams. 
There  are   references  available  to  support  this  from AzhwAr 
pAsurams.  The  pAsuram on Lord Sri Oppiliappan known as "ennappan 
enakkAy igulAY" gives an indirect meaning to support this. ie.,You  
are the Father (as "AchAryA")  Sri  nandagOpan  and  you  are  the 
"sevilith thAy"  (the mother who grows up the baby ie., "iguL") as 
Sri yasOdhai (as  mantra  upadEsam).  (more  will  be  dealt  in a 
special Sri Oppiliappan posting later). It is thus noted  that  it
is   Lord  Sri  Krishna  HIMself,   who  is present in  all  these  
swaroopams and  guides the jivAtmA to attain HIMself this way ie., 
through saranagathi.

	The word "iLam"  means  young. If  HE  has  to  marry  the 
Aaycchiars then HE must be an young  bridegroom.  This  word young 
denotes to the "paruvam" (or the youth stage) of  the  Lord who is 
beyond aging. This "paruvam"  also  denotes  that  HE is  the most 
suitable to  marry  these Aaycchiyars who are earlier addressed as 
siRumiyars (damsel). ie., In seeking a  marriage alliance one will 
first seek to know the "kulam" (family or clan) and the  "gOthram" 
(gene or race) for the boy. ie., Is  he a  Sri vaishnava kulam and 
what is his gOthram etc will be   found  out first.  There  may be 
several potential young candidates available  in  that young  age.  
But the screening is done to avoid first sagothrAs. ie., the tamil 
word "sa"gOtharan or brother  comes  from  the fact that those who 
are born  in the same gothrAs  are  called sagOtharan.  (Also true
for sagOthari). There may be several demigods available out  there
posing  to be  a right  candidate for this matrimony (ie there may
several "demigods" out there and many may be confused initially as 
to whethe they are the ones for this holy alliance of jivAtma with
the   paramAtmA  eternally  known as "Saranagathi". They  are  not 
paramAtmA or the suitable bridegroom  for  the  jivAtma). But they  
are all considered as "sagotharAs"   since  they  all  come   from 
vAsudEva kudumbakam  and they are not elegible to become the bride 
groom. uRiyavarukkE sErkka vEndum. (ie uyar araNgarKe sEra vENdum)
ie., One who has the right or "uRimai" or adikAram as per shAstram 
alone is to be sought as a bridegroom.
	The  "paramparai" or  heritage  (ie here  Sri Nandagopan's 
kumaran, Sri yasOdhai's son  etc)  is  also   sought to  be  known 
upfront. That is how one will  somewhat  make  sure  that  the boy 
grew in a family that is following  all  the  norms  of  shAstrAs.  
Next most important thing is the age  of the boy.  Is HE  suitable 
for  this  girl?  The tamil  word  "kumaran" and "iLam singam" are 
used here  to state that  the  Lord  is ready and very suitable to 
get  married  to  the "jivAtmA".  (HE  is  ever suitable and ready 
though !).

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri Boomi dEvi thAyAr samEtha Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan

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