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thirup pAvai - part 23 - "yasOdhai" - oru poruL viLakkam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Mon Dec 28 1998 - 04:22:18 PST

"yasOdhai" oru poruL viLakkam
Dear bAgawathAs,				  mArgazhi, Day 13

	AshtAkshra mantram can yield many more palans to one.  Sri
thirumangai AzhwAr explains this in "kulam tharum.." pasuram.  One
of the palan is that, it will do "peRRa thAyinum  Aayina  seyyum".
ie mAthA or mother is the one who creates the  basic  sareeram  in 
her woumb (sAreera swaroopam for the jivAtma in its current birth) 
when the jivAtmA is  passed  onto  her  from  the  sareeram of the 
Father.  Sri  periya  vAcchAn  pillai delivered that as similar to 
mAthA, this mantram will give the athma swaroopam known as  "nyAna
vikAsam" ("peRRa thAYinum Ayina seyyum"). ie., It will help remove 
the anyAnam that this sareeram is one's swa roopam and provide the
second or  the  original sareeram for  the  "AthmA" which  is  its 
swaroopam.  Hence  the mantra upadesam (leading to receiving Athma 
swaroopam) that a jivAtma receives is as similar to the "swaroopam" 
(sareera swroopam) one will get in  the womb of their mother. Only 
difference is that this  mantra  upadEsam  gives  them  the "Athma 
swroopam" or lead to that by providing the requisite knowledge  to 
attain it.  

	It  must be noted from the cycle of a  birth that it takes
36 weeks for a fetus to completely  grow  in a  mother's womb.  As 
Similar to that the Athma nyAna swroopa viLakkam also has to  take
certain definite time and one has to take all the extra care   and
follow the procedure in doing their japam as similar to  a "mAtha"
taking all possible care to deliver the baby as a full  grown  and 
healthy one. There is an underlying reason as to why   the  mantra 
upadEsam is equated to one's own mAthA.  ie.,  extra  care will be taken 
by the mantra palan in one's realisation of Athma swaroopam.
One  must  note  that  the word "upadEsam" always  is connected in 
this equation and that mantra has to be initiated  by an "AchAryA"  
(symbolised here by reference to "Sri NadagOpan"). Just as similar 
to the scientific  fact  that a  human species cannot  be "cloned" 
without a Father's, the mantra is not  to  be conceived without an 
upadEsam from an AchAryA.

	The word yAsOdhai means one who gives yasusai or keertthi.
The keerthi referred  here is the Athma swaroopa viLakkam that one
may  get  due to mantra upadEsam. She is known as one who provides
the keertthi for the whole of "AAypAdi". She commanded  very  much
respect among the Aaycchiyars. It  is  said  that  when   everyone 
complains to her that Sri Krishna is doing  this mischief or that, 
she used to take such a complaint as a compliment for  her ownself 
in her mind due to the love on Sri Krishna. A mother's care for  a
child never stops.  As similar to a mother taking all  precautions 
for growing a healthy child in her womb, a  mother  is  also  very  
careful on the  well  being of a child until it grows to an age of 
conducting its own self, responsibly.  Sri  yAsodhai  used to take extra  
care such that her son is not only healthy but also becomes
a good child. She attempted to correct the child many  times  when
there is a complaint  lodged on  the mischievous  conduct of  Lord 
Sri krishna. As similar  to  this  the  "mantra japam" one may  do 
following the protocols and  procedure  will  also  guide them  in their 
path to attain the Lord. This final state  is  also known as 
the  "mantra siddhi". At the outset, the mantra japam one  may  do 
will  take care of them as similar to Sri yasOdahi taking care  of 
Lord Sri Krishna.

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri Boomi dEvi thAyAr samEtha Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan
(more to come on kaN)

(It is said that the jivan that is seeded  in  the  clouds,  comes 
down  to earth with rains and lives  in the thAvaram or plant  and 
from  plants  it gets  into  the  sareeram of the Father and lives 
there a certain time and finally gets into the Mother's womb where 
it gets its swaroopam).

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