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nAcciyAr tirumozhi V- kuyil kUvudal 5

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Sun Dec 27 1998 - 07:05:01 PST

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam

             nAcciyAr tirumozhi V- kuyil kUvudal
      pASuram 5.5 (fifth tirumozhi - pAsuram 5 men-naDai annam)

A. Translation from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

In the desire to have the darSanam of the lotus feet of my Lord 
who resides in SrI villiputtUr with its abundance of the  
gentle-walking annam birds playing all over, my two beautiful 
fish-shaped eyes are fighting with each other and refuse to 
close for sleep.   Oh cuckoo!  Please warble sweetly so that the
perumAn who measured all the worlds  will come here.  If you do 
that for me, I will let you be friends with my beautiful pet 
parrot which has been brought up by me with great care and 
affection, by being fed delicious food and sweet milk.

men-naDai annam parandu viLaiyADum
 villiputtUr uRaivAn tan
ponnaDi kANbadOr ASaiyinAl 
 en poru kayal kaN iNai tu~njA
in-aDisiloDu pAl amudu UTTi
 eDutta en kOlak kiLiyai
unnoDu tOzhamai koLLuvan kuyilE!
 ulagaLandAn varak kUvAi.

B. Some additional thoughts (from SrI PVP):

mennaDai annam parandu viLaiyADum villiputtUr uRaivAn:  
BhagavAn has left SrIviakunTham where He is constantly 
served by the nityasUri-s and is in SrIvilliputtUr just 
to enjoy the beautiful sight of the anna-naDai of the
annam birds that are all over the kshetram.  ANDAL is 
no less comparable to these annam-s as far as her 
swan-like graceful gait is concerned.  Given this, 
ANDAL wonders how He is not noticing  her.   

SrI PVP posed the following question to SrI na~njIyar:  
"In the previous pASuram ANDAL laments that she is 
suffering because she is not able to get the tONi 
called SrIvaikunTham - vaikunTham enbadu Or tONi perAdu
uzhalginRen.  This is understandable since SrIvaikunTham 
is not within reach of everyone.  Bur now emperumAn has 
left SrIvaikunTham and come to SrIvilliputtUr as the arcA 
mUrti SrI vaTa perum SAyi just for the sake of ANDAL.  
And ANDAL is still saying that she can't find Him and her 
eyelids are refusing to close looking for Him.  How is 
this to be understood?"  Sri JIyar's aruLicceyal was:  
Unlike most of us who can go into the temple and
worship and come out without any change, if ANDAL goes 
into the temple and has His darSanam, like bharatAzhvAr, 
she will be absorbed completely in Him and will become 
unconscious and  be lost for ever in His guNAnubhavam.
Concerned about this, ANDAL's kith and kin have not allowed 
her to visit the temple.   Thus even though bhagavAn has come 
just for her to SrIvilliputtUr, she has not seen Him and 
is hurting.  

SrI PVP quotes here a phrase from tiruvAimozhi 6-5-5 
"izhai koL jyOti"  -- parAnkuSa nAyaki says: "when I am sick, 
you mothers are supposed to find a cure for it; instead, 
you took me to tolaivilli mangaLam and showed me the
exquisite beauty of His eyes and His beautiful posture 
and made me faint.

uRaivAn tan ponnaDi kANbadOr ASaiyinAl - BhagavAn comes in 
the arcA mUrti form and waits everywhere just so people 
can go and have the bhAgyam of the darSanam of His 
pAdAravindam.  This is bhagavAn's parama kAruNyam.

en poru kayal kaN eNai tu~njA - The beauty of ANDAL's 
eyes are such that bhagavAn is the one who should be unable 
to wink His eyes in Her beauty.  Instead, she is suffering 
the fate that He should be going through.

en kOlak kiLiyai unnuDan tOzamai koLLuvan - ANDAL is 
asking for help from the cuckoo to reach bhagavAn.  This 
is the role of the AcArya.  If the cuckoo performs this role 
of an AcArya, ANDAL will surrender herself and all
her belongings (in this case this is the reference to "en" 
kOlak kiLi) to the AcArya.  This is the inner meaning of 
these words.  

ulagaLandAn:  When He measured the three feet, He gave the 
bhAgyam of the touch of His foot to everyone on this earth 
and gave everyone moksham without distinguishing between them 
as vaSishTha (literally referring to the richest, best, 
a generic reference to the brahmin class), canDAla (literally
referring to the worst, most despised) etc.  BhagavAn's 
guNa is that He does not do guNa-aguNa nirUpaNam but 
mingles with everyone with equal ease.  

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.

Kalyani Krishnamachari