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thirup pAvai - part 21 - Er Arntha kaNNi

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat Dec 26 1998 - 04:36:37 PST

Er Arntha iLam kaNNi 

Dear bAgawathAs,				mArgazhi, Day 11

     In tamil the word "Er" means virintha or the one that is wide
and  "Arntha"  means  open  and  gracious.  The  reference  to Sri 
yAsodhai's eyes are made here prior to addressing Lord Sri Krishna
as her son. The two eyes are referred to as  the  two  bhAnams  or 
"ambugaL" that are protecting Lord Sri Krishna. It is customary in
tamil literature to refer the eyes of woman as  arrows  that  will 
pierece the Men. Perhaps, that is the weapon Lord gave them.  When
Sri NandagOpan will keep vigil and wield a spear all the  time  to
protect the Lord, it is said that Sri yasOdhai also do her part in
protecting this son of them. There is no need to present a Mothers
love and affection in protecting a son. Sri  yAsOdhai  was  always
keeping her eyes wide and open and focussed on  Lord  Sri Krishna. 

	In Srivaikundam, it is said that nitya  suris  will  never
remove their eyes from the Lord. ie.,  as similar to saying "sathA 
pasyanthi" they always have this darshanam  of the  Lord.  Due  to 
this they never experience aging. ie., they  never  get  older  or 
look older and always look  like an young lad.  This  is  a parama 
rahasyam contained in thid and this can only be realised  by those 
who  are  blessed  to see Lord Sri krishnA's eyes in their vision. 
Our thirup pAn AzhwAr ends his pasuram "En kaNNan, ..En amuthinaik kaNda 
kaNgAL  maRRa oNRinaik   kANAthE". ie.,  My  eyes  that  are currently 
seeing our  Lord  Sri KrishnA's eyes will never ever see  anything  
else. As he was delivering this and being carried on the thiruth thOL of 
Sri lOka sAranga muni,  AzhwAr  suddenly  vanished 
into Sri RanganAtha ! There are  more  such references from AzhWar 
pAsurams as to  why our  Lord Sri  Krishna's eyes are the ultimate 
vision one would prefer.  When Sri yasOdhai is blessed with such a 
vision every minite of the day why  would  she stray her eyes away 
from the Lord. 

   Due to seeing Lord constantly and without interupption her eyes   
became so beautiful, she herself was looking  very  young. In fact 
the tamil word "kaN" itself is derived from the fact that the eyes 
are HIS eyes  and  HE is kaNNan.  ie in tamil  azhagiya iru thiruk 
kaNgaLai udayavan. In sanskrit they call him khAnna. But the tamil 
word for eyes are itself born due to the fact  the  most beautiful 
eyes belong to Sri KaNNan. ie., HE made an ilakkANam or  lakshanam 
for a part of the human body that performs one of the sense of the
human species. HIS eyes were the most beustiful eyes such that the
part of the part in human  body  earned  the name after HIM and is 
called as "kAN". Some tamil experts may say that birth of tamil is prior 
to Sri Krishna vaibavam.  But  Sri KrishnA is present before  any word 
is spoken and is appear in every chathur yugam. (sambavAmi  yugE, yugE - 
SBG). One has to take  the  position that  the  tamil word "Kan" itself 
has come  from Sri KrishnA's eyes itself. 

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri Boomi dEvi thAyAr samEtha Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan
(more to come on kaN)

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