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thirup pAvai - part 18 - "selvach sirumeer kAL"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Dec 25 1998 - 05:57:15 PST

Dear bAgawathAs,			mArgazhi day 10, 5:15 AM

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

"selva sirumeergAL"

             This  aaypAdi  is  such  a  place that it is full of 
"aayars  sirumiyars"  who are nErizhaiyars ("realised jivAtmas"). 
Such  sirumiyars are  rich in their nature ie;, selva means rich.
So there is no more explanation required to state that such place
is indeed  very  very  special.  Though  the aayar (jivAtmAs) are 
"nEr  izhaiyeers"  (realised  souls) they  are  still  sirumiyars 
ie., they are very young damsels. This indicate their paruvam ie.,
the  maturity  that  is  most  suitable for the "nOnbu" or little 
effort  known  as  saranAgathi  (prapatti) as a marriage with the 

      ie., It is  preferable to  attain  jivAtma  swaroopam at an 
early stage of this birth itself  prior  to  the prArabtha karmAs 
taking its toll on the jivAtmA. However, this depends  on  Lord's 
thiru uLLam. Only  HE   can  provide this swaroopa viLakkam (ie., 
clarity  of  their  nature)  through achAryA's thiru aruL.  These 
aaypAdi sirumiyars had the  bAgyam  of  attaining  such  swaroopa 
viLakka  niyAnam  due to the very presence of the Lord with them. 
In  kali  yugam  in the absence of the direct  incarnation of the 
Lord the nool (literature or divay prabndham) "thirup  pAvai"  is
itself considered as the thiru avathAram of the Lord and one  may 
read it again and again to  get their own swaya anubavam with the  
blessings  of  bAgwathAs  and achAryAs. Lord  SriKrishna provides  
HIS thiru aruL for those, who  reads  this nool (thirup pAvai) in 
mArgazhi,,  by direct  means or by putting them in the right path 
and in  association   of   bAgawathAs  to   acquire  a  bAgawatha 
sambandham leading to seek the blessings from an AchAryA,  it  is 
believed.  For  those  who  had  sought  AchAryAs  blessings  and 
perfomed saranAgathi, it is believed that  certain  karmAs  donot 

       The second meaning is that Such realised jivAtmAs are still 
sirumiyar  as  they are now at the  prerequisite  state only. ie., 
they  are  about  to  perform  the  nOnbu and are at the pre nOnbu 
stage.  This  is  the   marked   difference   as well  between the 
prapannAs  and baddha jivAtmAs.  ie.,  If  a  person  has  already  
performed this nOnbu ie., saranAgathi She/He is considered totally 
different.  She/He  must be  accorded  all  respects as similar to 
an Acharya or guru (simply because they were chOsen by the Lord to 
surender at this birth and that they chose to  surrender  at  holy 
feet of AChAryAs and did saranAgathi) by the baddha  jivAtmas  who 
are yet  to  perform this nOnbu. It is  a  srivaishnava  tradition 
that we do our  prostrations (sEviththal) to  each  other prapannA 
once baranyAsam  is  over or saranAgathi is performed. It is known 
as bAgawatha dharmam. In fact each  prapannA  also  considers  the 
thoughts and deeds of a fellow prapanna in "Sri bagawath Vishayam" 
as the thiru uLLam of the Lord revealed through these  means.   It 
is  said  in  shAstrAs  that,  Lord will not tolerate an insult or 
apachAram committed to a prapannA or a surrenderd soul. There  are
ample examples from purAnAs and Sri Rama and Sri Krsihna vaibavams
to support this. This is one of the main reason as to why one must 
be careful and should refrain from bAgawatha apachAram.

        The  inner most meaning for  "selva sirumeerkAL"  is  that 
though  they are special, they are still sirumiyars in the company 
of  Lord.  ie., jivAtma's relationship  with respect  to paramAtma 
is revealed here. 

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

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