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KIzhvAnam (concluded)

From: A. Bharat (
Date: Wed Dec 23 1998 - 19:37:32 PST

Continuing the thread of the Divine Couple's VAtsalyam
towards us,SwAmi concluded the subject in this manner:

VAtsalyam is defined as the surge of emotion which floods
the cow's heart as it gazes on its newborn calf.It is so
powerful and protectiveness-oriented that the cow doesn't
hesitate to push aside with its horns its own other calves
which surge around the newborn.

It is this emotion which makes PiraTTi try to protect us
from everything including the wrath of the Lord Himself
at our sins.The Lord's <abhaya hasta> says don't fear
anything,I'm here to protect you; while PiraTTi's
<abhaya hasta> says I'm here to protect you even if
He were to change His mind.Hence Swami DESikan says,
<anugraha-mayIm vande nityam ajgyAta nigrahAm> she
has to be taught the meaning of the word "punishment".
We try our best to teach her with our repeated defaults
but she is a totally backward student!

SwAmi now proceeded to quote two stanza's from Sri
VEnkatESa SuprabhAtam and Prapatti wherein SwAmi Annan
who gave us those incomparable stOtrams has succinctly
indicated the VAtsalyam of PirATTi and the Lord.

First PirATTI -

<vAtsalyAdi-guNOjjvalAm bhagavatIm vandE jaganmAtaram>

<vAtsalyAdi-guNOjjvalAm> PirATTIs whole body is aglow
due to her compassion and loving feelings towards us

<bhagavaTIm> how can you say that the glow is due only
to her VAtsalya? Isn't she the mistress of the universe
and the queen of the supreme Lord ? wouldn't that
realization make any woman glow?

<jaganmAtaram> Don't you see that it is as she is gazing
at us that her eyes fill with tears of compassion and
her features acquire a glow ? What more proof do you
require ?

<vandE> when I realize this fact I can't speak,I can't
do anything.I just fall at her feet in gratitude.

And the Lord -

The dawn breaks and the sage ViSwAmitra finds his new
pupils still asleep.Feeling miffed he approaches them
with the intention of ticking them off.The moment he
gazes at the Lord's face he exclaims involuntarily,
<KausalyA-suprajA RAma!> what a matchless treasure
has that lady donated to the world!
Instantly the disciplinarian is transformed into an
indulgent elder and he lovingly tells them it is time
for their morning duties.

The Lord did here to the sage exactly what the girl in
the "kIzhvAnam" paSuram did to the other gOpikAs; He
created an artificial opportunity for the SEshabhUta
to do service to the SEshi.

Whether the Sage realized this inner secret or not
Sri ANNAn did and with great subtlety repeated the
RAmAyaNa Sloka at the beginning of the SuprabhAtam.
He wanted us to tell the Lord as we chanted the
SuprabhAtam every morning," O Lord, we know your
secret.It is not we who are waking you up.It is you
who are waking us up to the realization of your
VAtsalyam towards us! What can we offer you in return
but this prostration!"

EmberumAnAr TiruvaDigaLE SaraNam!