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thirup pAvai - part 12 - "neerAda pOthuveer"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Dec 23 1998 - 04:17:24 PST

Dear bAgawathAs,                        mArgazhi day 8, 5:25 AM

(the tamil word neerAttam  is dealt in this part with its meanings. 
Those who are already aware of such meanings may want to skip this 

Sri ANDAL  thiruvadikaLE  saraNam

        This  *early*  bath in this season is also advised to be a
good practise in keeping one's health in a good  condition for the
rest of the  year.  ie.,  if one can  observe  these  nOnbu  after
taking their bath in the early morning in  "mArgazhi",  it is said
then that such person will remain healthy for a long time.

        The  word  "neerAda  Pothuveer"  ie.,  "we  shall  bathe",
symbolise the "bagwath experience" known as bagwath guna anubavam.
For  some it may even be an experience of bagwath  kAmA.  The pond
itself  is  referred  to  perumaL  in many  places  in  ilakkiyam.
nammAzwAr has expressed the Lord as "Lotus  dwelling  pond".  ie.,
"thAmaRai  pooththa   thadAgamO".  In  Sri  Kamba  Ramayanam,  Sri
Seetha, tells Hanuman, that when ever she sees the pond nearby she
is seeing  Lord Rama.  Same way it was also quoted  earlier by Sri
Nammalwar  that "HE is like an  emarald  pond born to  DasarathA",
ie., thayarathan peRRa maragatha maNith thadam".

        In the first line the word  "thingaL"  can also mean woman
or the  pAvai  or  maiden  (jivAtmA  in its  antharyamin)  who has
attained the pakkuvam  (mArgazhi).  "mathi  niRaintha"  also means
the  (mathi)  "knowledge"  that is  filled  with  (niRaintha)  Sri
Krishna  Consciousness  (bagwath  Vishayam).  "nan  nAL am"  means
(nalla naal aana inRu) such is the auspicious day when the matured
maiden  (jivAtmA) is  filled  with  bagwath  vishayam  or  supreme
knowledge (in their siddham), on Sri Krishna.

          Thus for the line  "mArgazhi  thingAL,  mathi  niRaintha
naNNaLAm  neerAda  pOthuveer"  the  overall inner meaning, is such 
that, the day when a matured soul [a soul that has the pakkuvam or have  
realised  their self due to Lord's grace] (ie.,  the purpose 
of jivAtmA is to serve the parama purushan Sri Krishnan eternally)
is filled  with bagwath vishayam or  bagwath   knowledge   and  is 
desiring  for "Sri  KrishnA anubhavam  (bagwath  anubavam)",  (Sri 
Krishna  sthAyee, ie., "[1] Santham,  [2] thAsyam [3] sAkkiyam [4]  
vAthsalyam [5]  mAthuryam), such day is an auspicious day. And  on such 
day let us do this nOnbu and seek our  Lord's  blessings  and  
enjoy the palans (Sri Bagwath anubavam). 

The ordinary word "pOthuveer" means "You shall do" here this is  a 
divine command from Sri ANDAL for we folks jivAtmAs  to experience
this Sri Bagawath anubavam on this holy day performing this nOnbu. 
This is agian an assertive statement and one who reads  this  word
as the command of Sri ANDAL can be succesful in  their  observance
of nOnbu.

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri Boomi devith thAyAr samEtha Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan

note: Please note that there are additional refernces made in each
of this part from the last year's postings. As requested  by some
we are going over these once again such that those  who  are  new
and wanted to have this anubavam read can enjoy the same.

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