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thirup pAvai - part 11 - "mathi niRaintha nan nAL am"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Dec 23 1998 - 03:58:24 PST

Dear bAgawathAs,                        mArgazhi day 8, 5:25 AM

(the tamil word mathi is delat in this part with its meanings. Those
who are already aware of such meanings may want to skip this part).

       "mArgazhi  thingaL"  means  the  margazhi  month,  ie.,  in
Tamizh  the word "thingaL" is also  addressed  for  month.  "mathi
niRaintha  nan nAl Am" - the main meaning is that "mathi" the moon 
is full (niRaintha) and blooming.  Such  days is a good  day.  For
those who are in love and are seeking the company of their beloved
one's  (eternally)  nilA or moon comes to one's  mind.  Many times
the  nila or moon  becomes  their  companion  in  their  solitude,
longing  for the union  with  their  beloved.  Among nila or moon,
niRaintha  mathi or (ie.,  niRaintha  means the mean that is full)
full moon is an auspicious  sign for lovers.  It is said that when
the moon is full  certain  qualities  are  brought in the minds of
lovers due to the "kiranangaL" (the beam or rays of full moon) and
their  longing for each other  reaches a peak that night.  This is
the role of the full  moon in  lover's  game.  

    Perhaps, Sri ANDAL  indirectly   states   here  that  just  as 
similar to  her   (symbolising   jiVatmnA's  as  this  saranAgathi 
ShAstram is delivered for us to follow) "pakkuvam"  to  enjoy  the 
Krishna prEmai, Sri Krishna is as well ready and  is  filled  with 
such desrie to be in HER  company  and such is indicated   by this  
"niRaintha  mathi"  ie., full  moon.  ie., Sri  ANDAL  is  perhaps  
reminded of the night in full moon when "Sri Ras Leela" took place 
and Sri Krishna  entertained  in multiple  forms  and  danced  and  
entertined each and every "Aychiyars"  in  Gokulam.  This is a Sri  
KrishnA  anubavam (Bagwath  kAma  thaththuvam)   said to be unique  
for Sri  Krishna, ("mAthuryam").  May be that  is the  reason  She 
is seeking the company of other "Aycchiyars" as well, symobolising  
the need for "bAgwatha ghOsti" and  sathsangam of all bAgwathAs in 
seeking to enjoy Sri Krishna premai.

        Pournami is genarlly a good day.  In every Tamil  calender
year One of the  Powrnami is also the most  auspicious  day.  Such
day is celebrated as the second largest attended festival in Tamil
Nadu in the city of Madurai.  And it is very auspicous  because of
ANDAL's sambandham (ANDAL's  connectivity).  On the day of chithrA
powrnami, Sri ANDAL's  maalai  (garland)  from  srivillip  puthtur
reaches  Sri  Kallazhagar  at the  banks of the river  Vaigai.  HE
accepts the garland and steps into the river symbolising HIS union
with  ANDAL.  Incidentally  this is also the first day (night) the
illaRam  (married  life) starts for newly married  couple in these
area.  Many  newly  married  couple  are  even  made  to  wait  to
celebrate  their  nuptial, ceremonially on this day.  ie., even if
they are  married a few  months ago in the same year they wait for
the most auspicous moment of Sri Azhagar accepting  ANDAL's maalai
or garland and stepping into the river bed.  (*)

        Talking of "Love" between newly  married, the role of Lord
Manmathan was  discussed  earlier as mentioned in AzwAr  pAsurams.
There was also an ancient  custom,  when  maiden  women take early
morning  bath and worship to the Lord of Love (kAMA) known as Lord
Manmathan,  and seek his  blessisngs  for a getting  married  to a
husaband  of their  choice.  In srimad  bAgwatham  also there is a
mention about this on Sri  KAthyAyini  nOnbu.  (10 Skandam).  This
practice  is also  found  widely in South  India  (kerala)  and is
reported in tamil sanga ilakkiyams as well.

"mathi" also means  one's  mind. mathi niraintha means one has the 
complete faith and Sri Krishna consciousness in  their  mind  such 
that they are ready for Sri krishna anubavam.

And finally chandiran or mathi was the first to do penance on  the
banks of "kauvEri"  requesting  Sri RanganAtha to come and stay on
her  lap  or "madi".  The  day  Lord Sri RanganAtha landed on this 
boolOga Vaikundam at Sri rangam must be the day this mathi or moon
as fulifilled of her desire and prayers, ie., "mathi niRaintha nan 
nAL am". Sri ANDAL is reminding every one that just as  similar to
fuliflling the wishes of mathi and make her "mathi niRaintha", our
Lord will fulfill our desires  and  our  prayers  conveyed through 
this nonbu as well. And this is such a day.

nan nAL am - means - this a good day. This is the best day that we
are going to do saranAgathi at the holy feet of the Lord  after so many 
births and deaths. And this is the day our nOnbu  yields  its
palan or blessings from the Lord.  What other day can be the  best 
day  for a jiVatmA  that  has taken this birth death cycle so many 
times  excepting  this  auspicious  day  or nan nAL. The word "Am" 
means assertion here.  That  is  Sri ANDAL  is very assertive that 
this is the  best day  and  that by  doing this nOnbu this day the 
palan is certain for all of us. This word itself is a pramAnam for
the saranAgathi shAstram and its palan. There are other ways  this
word can be meant  but  this  is  the best fit for the Sri bagwath 
niyamanam and hence we are dealing only this meaning  for the word  "Am" 

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri Boomi devith thAyAr samEtha Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan

(*) some more  details may be found in articles on thiru maal 
irum sOlai.

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