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thirup pAvai - part 10 - "mAgazhi the tamizh word"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Dec 23 1998 - 03:47:20 PST

Dear bAgawathAs,                        Margazhi day 8, 5:00AM
mArgazhi - the tamizh word  -

ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

(We are dealing some meanings for the tamil word mArgazhi.   Those
who know these meanings already may want to skip this part).

     The  month  mArgazhi  is a  tamil  word  that is  adopted  by
sanskrit  as claimed by some tamil  scholars.  maar in tamil means
maarik  kaalam, i.e., the mazhaik  kaalam i.e., the rainy seasons.
kazhi (not kali or kaLi) means that which is past.  Together it is
read as "that month that is past the  rainy   season".  The  rainy 
season for south India is in  October  November.  And the month of  
December (mArgazhi) starts right after that. The rain  tenders the 
mother earth and hence the earth is  most  desirable   (ready - or 
pakkuvam)  for  (yielding)  the  crops  (end result) that is to be  
traditionally harvested  in "thai"  month.

        This is the month  when the earth is tender and  soft  (as 
Sri ANDAL herself as  the  incornation of Sri Booma Devi)  and  is 
considered as the most pleasant month for many in particular  with 
respect to the soils.  ie., It is easy to cultivate the same.  The month  
is  also  indicating  the  "patham"  or "pakkuvam" that the 
mother  earth has reached  a  tender  state to yield  the  results  
(upEyam)  in the following   "thai"  month.  In tamil there  is  a  
proverb known as  "thai  piRanthAL  vazhi  piRakkum", coined after these  
sentiments. ie.,  when  the   month  of "thai" is born, the 
results or solutions will also be born  to  all  the  problems  in 

i.e., This word  mArgazhi also means the pakkuvam of the "jivAtmA" 
such  that this is the month  when  the  torrential  rainy  season  
(rain  is  compared  to samsAram and the karmAs due to samsAram in 
many cases) is  already  over,  in  tamil  it is  said  as "mazhai 
peythu Oynthathu intha paruvam thodangum mun" (i.e., prior to this 
state) and that  this jivAtmA  is   ready  or  have  the  pakkuvam   
that this is the apt time to surrender to the Lord.

ie the jiVAtmA's karma palan are at a stage that the  jivAtmA  has
now relaised the ultimate truth as the Lord and its prtupose is to
do eternal service to the Lord. This is the pakkuvam the  jivAtmAs
symobolised  here  have  attained  just  prior to undertaking this 
nonbu or saranAgathi.

ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarjan

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